Veeanna Lee

Veeanna Lee

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (2018)

Veeanna is a Technical Account Manager with Qualtrics, a cloud-based subscription software platform for experience management. She began at Qualtrics as an intern, a placement she took up through CBE Internships, then worked her way to Product Specialist. In her current role as Technical Account Manager Veeanna provides technical expertise and strategic guidance to a book of global enterprise clients – who generate over A$2 million in revenue for the company ¬– across various industries including banking, insurance, education and public sector.
Veeanna completed a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies in 2018 and was a Student Ambassador for the CBE Careers and Student Employability team. She continued her studies after leaving ANU, completing a Master of Actuarial Practice at Macquarie University.

13 May 2022

How did your CBE Internship experience add value to your career?

The experience taught me many valuable technical and professional skills. Most importantly, it allowed me to have exposure to a professional working environment and form lasting connections. An example of this is my internship supervisor, who I've kept in touch with over the years. It was through this connection that I found out about the opportunity to work in the role as Product Specialist, which subsequently led to my position as Technical Account Manager. It was also through my internship that I had the opportunity to work as a CBE Student Ambassador.

How do you think students can make a great first impression, whilst being themselves?

Other than having the necessary skills for a job, factors that hiring managers consider include whether they think you’ll fit into the team’s dynamic and the wider company’s culture, and find the work fulfilling.

Being yourself and honest during an interview helps show that you are someone who has thought about your career trajectory, and what you would like to achieve. Knowing what you would like for your career helps both you and the hiring managers make the right decision when it comes to choosing a role and candidate.

How do you manage the work that you don’t enjoy?

In any job, there will be some work that isn’t enjoyable. I think that when it comes to managing work that I don’t enjoy, having a supportive team really helps. For me personally, I find work that isn’t particularly enjoyable manageable because I understand that by doing my part, I’m helping the overall team. Because I don’t work alone, my contribution, or lack thereof, affects more people than just myself. It helps if your team members and manager are supportive, and appreciative of the work that everyone does. 

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