Aulia Putri


Image: CBE

Master of Business Information Systems (Advanced) (2019)

In 2018, Aulia Putri came to Canberra from Indonesia to study a Master of Business Information Systems (Advanced). Since graduating, she has been working in the IT Project Delivery and Engagement field for the past year. Aulia believes this career opportunity came to her right after she completed her CBE Internship Program and received the Outstanding Intern of the Year award for Semester 1, 2019.

What advice do you have for international students looking for work in Canberra?

Try to understand the Australian recruitment process, your rights, and responsibilities as this might be different from what you have known. There are various industries and companies in Canberra, so research your target industry, potential employers, and desired roles. If you are not familiar with the companies around Canberra and Australia, try to attend Career Fairs and Employer Meet-ups. In these events, various companies will promote their companies and graduate program opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to seek some help. I asked for advice from the College’s Careers and Student Employability Team multiple times to support me in my job applications, from checking my CV, to giving me consultations when I was confused about my career path. You can also learn the Australian recruitment process from Mock Assessment Centres – where you can practice interview and case studies as well.

Lastly, never give up and keep seeking opportunities. Sounds cliché I know, but the opportunity is always there. It costs nothing to explore those opportunities.

Looking back on your experiences at CBE, what advice would you give to new CBE students? 

Australian work experiences are precious. Employers highly regard it, and it will help you prepare for your future career, whether you’re in Australia or overseas. Try to seize opportunities that are available at ANU, to develop your professional skills and gain relevant experiences. Remember, the University is here to help us.

  1. I learned professional skills from the CBE MomentuM program, in which I learned various valuable lessons through mentorship and professional development workshops. This program can help you broaden your network and learn from business leaders in Australia.
  2. Be wise in choosing course electives and working while studying. I highly recommend the Special Industry  Project course. I gained Industry experience from this course and worked closely with SAP Australia and the ANU TechLauncher team. If you are considering working while studying, working as an ANU or CBE Student Ambassador will allow you to develop communication skills and work with current fellow students.
  3. The CBE Internship Program allowed me to learn more extensively about the Australian work culture. Through this program, you can implement the knowledge that you have gained from class to solve real-life problems. You will be guided by mentors from work and the University.