Dr Gladys Lee

Dr Gladys Lee

Image: Gladys Lee 

PhD in Accounting (2014)

Dr Gladys Lee is a Senior Lecturer in the University of Melbourne’s Department of Accounting. She joined the department in 2015 after completing her PhD in Accounting at The Australian National University. Gladys’ research interests are in the areas of audit quality and the intersection between accounting and business ethics. Her work builds on her doctoral dissertation, which focussed on the use of whistleblowing in uncovering financial misconduct.

Here are Gladys’s responses to some questions that may interest you:

Why did you choose to work in academia rather than in industry?

I enjoy research, and felt that academia was the place that best allowed me to continue to learn while also working on my research projects.

What are your tips for a successful academic job application and interview?

A good personality and a good job market paper.

What were some surprises when your first started your academic career?

I can't think of anything in particular that surprised me. 

What is a day in the life of someone in your role like?

A morning coffee (a habit developed during my PhD days...). After that, a mix of research, attending research seminars and workshops, teaching and other administrative work (if any).

What are your tips for successful publications in your discipline?

Work on research projects that you find interesting because good research requires a significant amount of time and effort. Seek feedback throughout the research process and be receptive to it. 

Reflecting on your time as a PhD student, how did you work productively with your supervisors?

I enjoyed working with my supervisor (Prof Neil Fargher) and learning from him. We frequently communicated and I understood his work style, which made working together very productive.