Shuai (Alex) He

Shuai He

Bachelor Accounting (2020)

Shuai (Alex) He graduated from CBE with a Bachelor of Accounting in 2020. During his time at ANU, he worked as a CBE student ambassador and participated in the CBE GLOBE Internship initiative. Alex was also a recipient of the 2019 ANCAAR Summer Research Scholarship. He is now pursuing a Master of Science in Accounting with specialisation in data and analytics at Singapore Management University (SMU) and is the recipient of the United Overseas Bank Scholarship. 

11 AUGUST 2021

How did you first hear about the United Overseas Bank Scholarship? What advice can you offer others who are also interested in an opportunity like this?

I heard about this scholarship when I was applying for my Masters at SMU. Even before studying at CBE, I had a habit of looking at the scholarships offered by various universities. Being a scholarship recipient is not only a recognition of my outstanding academic achievement, but it also adds weight to my resume and job applications.

I strongly encourage students to apply for scholarships. Try it and you may receive an unexpected opportunity.

What advantages did you gain from your experience with CBE Internships?

Internships are very important, especially for fresh-out-of-uni graduates. Companies prefer students with some level of exposure in their field so they can quickly transition into the professional space and have a better idea of the projects they are assigned. I completed my first internship in 2018 through GLOBE. I worked as a project assistant in an accounting firm’s risk advisory unit. The internship provided me tangible experience and the chance to see how the theories I learned in lectures are put into practice. It also helped me better understand advanced accounting concepts. My internship placement was a key credential I highlighted when I applied for SMU’s United Overseas Bank Scholarship as it demonstrated the experience I gained at CBE.

Can you share some of your tips on creating an impressive resume or cover letter?

The key to writing an outstanding resume or cover letter is to succinctly showcase your abilities. Human resource teams at big companies may have a limited time to look over your resume and cover letter so you need to make sure they catch their attention promptly.

When I was studying at CBE, I frequently sought assistance from the CBE Careers and Student Employability team, asking them how I could improve my resume and cover letters. I found this to be a good learning experience as the career consultants can help you understand your strengths and highlight them in your resume. After seeking their support a few times, I gradually learned how to polish my resume. It is also very important to tailor your resume to match the job description of the position you are applying for. Do not send out one version of your resume to many positions as this may compromise your chance of being a successful applicant.