The College of Business and Economics produces world-class research across its diverse discipline areas. We collaborate with institutions and governments around the world to translate our research into tangible outcomes that help society and business.

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Our focus is always on robust and relevant research that contributes to both theory and practice. Some of our current thematic areas of focus are listed below.

Economics research

Economic field experiments are a way of answering important social questions in a world of messy and confounding variables. Our research steers policy around the world.

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Field experiment economics

Management research

Decision-making in organisations is not always informed by up-to-date evidence. Our research fills these gaps with rigorous and practical studies.

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Evidence-based management

Accounting research

Regulations for audit companies have huge flow-on effects for the market and firms around the world. Our research tests and informs those regulations.

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Impact of audit regulations

Finance research

Social services such as healthcare and education can often sit behind high financial walls. Our research explores ways of improving access to those services.

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Income Contingent Loans
Health outcomes

Research News

Cracking corporate codes

Meet Associate Professor Louise Lu, CBE’s financial accounting expert.

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Australia has ranked last in an international gender pay gap study — here are 3 ways to do better

A small number of changes can give Australia a chance to ramp up progress to close the gender pay gap.

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Breaking the curse (of dimensionality)

Meet CBE’s statistics academic, Dr Yanrong Yang.

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Climate change means Australia may have to abandon much of its farming

It is time for the Government to start budgeting for the costs of living with climate change, not just the costs of cutting emissions

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Research made simple

CBE higher degree research candidates race to explain their research in only three minutes.

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Centres and Labs

The College is home to many specialised Centres and Labs that dive deep into research questions and offer bespoke research and learning opportunities.

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Partner with us

We are committed to working in partnership with business, government and not-for-profit organisations, to achieve real-world impacts. Our goal is to create a competitive advantage for our partner organisations.

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