Centres and Labs

John Mitchell Economics of Poverty Lab

The lab is run out of the Research School of Economics and is a response to an urgent need to take the vast literature of economic theory related to poverty and translate it into real-world policies and outcomes.

Centre for Economic History

The Centre for Economic History in the ANU Research School of Economics has been established to foster scholarship through a variety of linkage projects and events. It provides a forum for quality research and discussion of economic history among academics and an interface with the wider world.

Centre for Economic Policy

The Centre for Economic Policy (CEPR) began in the Research School of Social Sciences at ANU in 1980, at the initiative of the late Professor Fred Gruen. It was founded on account of a major gap in Australian universities between research and economic policy debate. CEPR was the first institution in Australia to seek to bridge this gap, and continues to inform sound research-led policy.

Australian National Centre for Audit & Assurance Research

The Australian National Centre for Audit and Assurance Research (ANCAAR) in the Research School of Accounting fosters, develops and disseminates research in auditing and assurance that is of significance to policy makers, practitioners and users.

National Centre for Information Systems Research

The National Centre for Information Systems Research in the Ressearch School of Management has, as a primary aim, the conduct of research on business information systems relevant to industry and government. The group achieves this aim through close links with business organizations, industry associations, government bodies, consulting groups and leading researchers worldwide.