College Bookable Rooms


The following groups are eligible to book CBE rooms: 

  • ANU staff 
  • ANU students  

Booking requests

Booking requests must include the following: 

  • A brief description of the activity (eg meeting, event, social gathering). 
  • Information on whether food/drink will be present 
  • Information on how many people are expected to attend 
  • Information on visitors (i.e. people who are not ANU staff or students). 

Approval and Conditions of Use 

  • Rooms are provided as-is and must be returned to original configuration before leaving.  
  • Any costs incurred (eg cleaning, removals, security) will be passed on to the event organiser. 
  • Please include set up and pack up times in your booking request. 
  • Catered events and activities other than meetings may require approval through the Functions on Campus eForm (see eForm link for further information). Completing this process is the responsibility of the organiser and requires a risk assessment and COVID safe plan to be uploaded (contact for assistance).

Student club and society bookings 

Student club and society bookings are permitted during normal business hours only (i.e. 9am-5pm Mon-Fri). 

Meeting and seminar rooms 

ANU staff can book most meeting and seminar rooms using an Outlook meeting request. See the manual for instructions. Please note automatic tentative acceptance is given as a placeholder and does not indicate approval. 

IT and Audio-Visual (AV) systems in meeting and seminar rooms are College owned and not supported by the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) team. This means ITS will respond when workload permits and not as a priority. Please be aware of this risk when requesting these resources. 

Maintenance issues (heating/cooling, water, power, etc) should be reported to within business hours and ANU Security outside business hours. 


Opening Hours 



Seminar Room G058 

Ground floor, PAP Moran Building 21 



  • 20 


Fred Gruen Economics Seminar Room 

Level 1, HW Arndt Building 25A 

8am–6pm Mon-Fri 

  • 50



CBE Building 26C Foyer

8am–6pm Mon-Fri 

  • 318 standing
  • Seating subject to negotiation


The Allan Barton Forum 

Level 2, CBE Building 26C 

8am–6pm Mon-Fri 

  • 60 


Meeting Room 2.53 

Level 2, CBE Building 26C 

8am–6pm Mon-Fri 

  • 6 around table 


College Board Room 2.58 

Level 2, CBE Building 26C 

8am–6pm Mon-Fri 

  • 17 around table 


*Please note: delegates may at their discretion reduce the allowable room capacity based on the activity being conducted and assessment of associated risks.

Teaching Spaces

Bookings for teaching purposes must be made through ANU Timetabling.  

To book for non-teaching uses, click here to check availability of the room and select the box "Visit Timetable Viewer" to identify an available time and date, then contact to request the booking. 

Note:  use for teaching takes priority, and bookings during the teaching period may be cancelled by ANU Timetabling, should teaching activities need to be added or rescheduled. 

IT and AV systems in teaching spaces are ITS supported. Please contact ITS directly with any inquiries or issues. CBE is unable to provide in-house IT and AV support. Maintenance issues (heating/cooling, water, power, etc) should be reported to TLCSS on ext 50017. 



Seating capacity (1 person per 2 square meters)

Ground Floor, HW Arndt Building 25A 

Open 8am–6pm, Mon-Fri 

Lecture Theatre 1 


Lecture Theatre 2 


Tutorial Room 1


Tutorial Room 3-4


Tutorial Room 2, 5


Level 1, CBE Building 26C 

Open 8am–6pm, Mon-Fri 

Lecture Theatres 1-2 


Tutorial Rooms 1, 2, 3, 6


Tutorial Rooms 4-5


Tutorial Rooms 7-8