Our values and behaviours

Our values represent what we as a collective care about. Using them to guide our behaviours is critical to ensuring that we are working together and with others in the most effective way possible. These values and exemplars below are intended to serve as a reference point for desirable behaviour in our College. These values should be used alongside the University’s Policy on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech.

Our Values and Behaviours does not replace the ANU Code of Conduct, rather it is designed to build on the Code of Conduct, to illustrate the type of work environment staff want to experience and provide a tool for maintaining a positive workplace culture.


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Our values and behaviours have an impact on the performance and wellbeing of others, and on the performance of the College. Our goal is to create a culture where all people feel valued and excited about coming to work.

Who developed the Values and Behaviours?

Our Values and Behaviours were developed in 2019 by a working party consisting of academic and professional staff from all areas of the College. College staff were consulted on the draft Our Values and Behaviours with the Dean seeking feedback at staff meetings or through Research School Directors consulting with their schools.

How will the Values and Behaviours be used?

The Our Values and Behaviours will link with College processes, where appropriate, including:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. New staff induction
  3. Training for managers
  4. Wellbeing events.

The College Human Resources team is also considering how Our Values and Behaviours could be included as part of the Performance Development Review (PDR) process.

We value feedback from the College’s staff both on Our Values and Behaviours and how they are linked with HR processes. Please contact hr.cbe@anu.edu.au regarding any feedback.