Carrington Clarke

Carrington Clarke

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Economics (2009)

Carrington Clarke is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Seoul Correspondent, covering East Asia for the network, and working across digital, television and radio. He’s had a range of roles at the ABC, including as a reporter with ABC Investigations, the flagship television program 7.30, and as a reporter and presenter with The Business. Carrington previously worked at SKY News as a reporter and presenter. Before making the transition to journalism, he worked as an economist in the New South Wales and Commonwealth Governments.

Carrington completed the Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Arts at ANU in 2009.

26 AUGUST 2021

How do you manage the stress of tight deadlines?

Prioritisation is key. Figure out what has to be done in order of importance and accept that somethings might not be possible.

Work out mini deadlines along the way so you can hit your marks and know you’re still on top of the task at hand.  

What are your tips for students looking to improve their oral and written communication skills? 

When it comes to oral communication, I suggest recording yourself and listening back to it. It can be an awkward experience and most people don’t particularly like hearing themselves, but it is an accurate reflection of how you sound. You’ll very quickly start to notice verbal crutches that you rely upon that you might be better off dropping. 

I also think confidence is key. The most important thing about oral communication is, if you’re going to say it, say it. 

The best writers tend to be voracious readers. So read widely and take notes on what styles sing to you.

However, as with all types of communication, it’s also about practice. You should be writing every day.