Sanjana Waglay

Sanjana Waglay

Master of International Management (2019)

Sanjana has experience in auditing, market research, data analysis, and human resources (HR). She is currently working as an International Admissions Officer at ANU, which has been a culmination of the different roles and experiences she had during her time as a student. From being a SET4ANU Coordinator, CBE Student Ambassador and MomentuM Mentee to a HR Assistant at the University, she believes these opportunities have made her immensely empathetic towards a better student experience. Sanjana graduated in 2019 with a Master of International Management.

As a recent graduate, what were some of your most memorable experiences at CBE? 

I passionately believe that all the learning experiences I had as an ANU student have significantly shaped my personality. CBE’s constant encouragement to involve students in various activities and the supportive environment persuaded me to step out of my comfort zone and seize every opportunity along the way. From getting involved in postgraduate student council groups to applying for internships and professional jobs, the various teams at CBE were always there to provide me the help and support I needed. Before coming to CBE, I was a shy person, and I avoided talking in a group. However, I’ve since conducted webinars and talked with diverse groups of strangers. This is a testament to how much I have transformed as a person and how memorable my journey at CBE has been. 

How do you think the College’s MomentuM professional development program helped you with your career journey? 

Being an international student has its own benefits and hindrances when it comes to the job market. The program gave me hands-on experience in the art of networking and strengthened my knowledge of business etiquette. These soft skills come with practice and I am thankful to MomentuM for teaching me the techniques to use them properly. 

My MomentuM and industry mentor provided me with incredible guidance. Thanks to their tips, I was able to secure my first professional job immediately after finishing my exams. What more could I have asked for.