Jon Liu

Jon Liu

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Software Engineering (2014)  

Jon Liu is a Senior Manager at Sayers, a modern advisory and investment firm. He helps his clients with business-case development; data analysis and modelling; technology-transformation support; operating-model frameworks and designs; process analysis and improvement; and program and project-management services. Having accumulated experiences in both the public and private sectors, Jon is passionate about helping organisations grow, transform and improve. Before joining Sayers, he was a Manager at PwC Canberra. 

13 OCTOBER 2021

How have you made the most of your Commerce and Engineering background in your career to date? 

My career to date in consulting and professional services has involved supporting clients in the private and public sectors, solving some of their most challenging problems. These complexities range from building a business case to implement a new technology solution supporting the implementation phase of work, or assessing various components of the solution post implementation.  

My Commerce and Software Engineering background has provided me with the fundamental and foundational skills needed for my role, including critical and systematic thinking; research methodologies and techniques; problem solving; architecture; algorithms; data and analytics; financial analysis; and effective communications.

What’s your advice for students unsure about working for a boutique consulting firm or one of the Big 4? 

It can be difficult to decide which company to pursue. As a graduate, if you are unsure which direction to go in, one of the Big 4 could be a great choice. They have a wealthy knowledge repository consisting of proven frameworks and methodologies; learning and development trainings based on real world needs; and access to a large pool of opportunities – all accessible for you to learn from and understand the area that you would like to focus, grow, and specialise.  
However, if your mind is set on a specific career path and you know your focus areas, boutique consulting firms are also a great choice as they are generally known for their area of specialisation, have a reputable brand, and you will most likely have more responsibilities.  

What are you looking for when recruiting new staff at Sayers?

Sayers is a modern advisory and investment business designed for the new economy, which is the development of high-growth industries using leading technology and information to create products and services that drive economic growth and productivity. We have a strong and supportive leadership team who themselves have an established personal brand in the market, are well known in their domains of expertise, and have a clear vision in mind driving our business’ success. So it’s fair to say, expectations are high at Sayers.  
When recruiting new staff at Sayers, we are first looking for those who align to our culture and values. Individuals who are passionate about making a difference for our clients, society and the environment, who are driven entrepreneurs, and are collaborative team players. Secondly, we are constantly looking for specialists in strategy, platform architecture, and new ways of working and delivery expertise, which can support our clients to be at the forefront of the platform revolution and move at the speed of technology.