Harry Hoang


Harry Hoang

Photo credit: Tailored Accounts

Bachelor of Economics and Master of Professional Accounting

CBE alumnus Harry Hoang, who has completed a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Professional Accounting, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tailored Accounts, a back-office cloud accounting and bookkeeping service aimed at small and medium businesses in the Australian Capital Territory. Since its inception in 2008, the company has achieved a strong growth in both size and revenue, and is now recognised as one of the leading bookkeeping firms in Canberra. 

Harry was recently recognised as one of the most influential Asian-Australians for his leadership in the profession, when he became a recipient of the prestigious 2020 40 Under 40: Most Influential Asian-Australians Awards.

Harry’s career advice: 

What attributes are you looking for when recruiting new staff?

Attitude and culture. We look for those like-minded colleagues who have a work-hard attitude and respect towards their own background and those of others. 

What advice would you give to CBE graduates who are navigating the current job market?

Amidst the high unemployment rates, there is an opportunity for people who can bring in new perspective to the market. As a student, it can be hard to know your own strengths or weaknesses, which is why platforms like the CBE MomentuM and Professional Development program or the CBE Internship program and their respective mentors, will guide you to find the best version of yourself. I’ve had a mentor since my CBE days, whom I still visit whenever I’m going through a difficult time.