Nishi Raj

Nishi Raj

Image: Nishi Raj 

Master of project management with Merit (2017)

Nishi Raj is a civil engineer with expertise in project management, estimation, civil contracts and operations. She is currently working as project engineer at Core Building Group in Canberra. She has been involved in various leading projects of Canberra’s construction space. Prior to joining Core, Nishi has worked at Axis Services Group and Pacific formworks. She also has overseas experience of working as the Site engineer in India.

Nishi is a volunteer for NAWIC (National Association for Women in Construction) and an active participant at various cultural podiums and community events. She believes that it is high time to promote more women participation in engineering streams.

Nishi’s reflections: 

How can you build strong collaborative relationships with colleagues at work? 

It is important to walk into workspace with an open mind every day. Teamwork is a trait most employers seek. Patience is the key. Polite interactions and self-initiated chats often help to break the ice over time. However, it is equally important to ask help when needed! Taking initiative in holding team catchups or team lunches can also help to spread the positivity among colleagues and build strong collaborations. 

What’s your advice for international students looking for jobs in Australia? 

Be Proactive! This often proves to be the game changer. Start planning early and not wait till graduation to start the process. Many Australian jobs have residency requirements. Thus, it is always a good idea to start planning and getting the application ready well in advance.

Keeping an eye on Graduate programs around a year before course completion is also recommended since most organizations have early deadlines. Keep reinventing yourself as the market is fast evolving. It is crucial to get insights from current professionals to be updated about the most recent skills in demand and upskilling yourself accordingly. Last but not the least- “DO NOT LOSE HOPE! KEEP TRYING.” 

How did your CBE Degree prepare you for your career? 

My degree in Project Management laid the foundation to my career in Australia. The practical insights given by the faculty through their rich experiences, gave me one of the first impressions of how workplaces work and what expectations do they have from their employees. I realised the importance of networking, people’s management and the soft skills required to make myself employable.

The CBE internship at Canberra Light Rail Project was my steppingstone in the Construction industry. I learnt about the work culture, the stakeholders, the certifications sought by employers and the popular software used in the industry. It was a great opportunity which I knew I should utilise to the best possible extent.