Krishna Shukla


Krishna Shukla

Photo credit: Roman Stepchyn

Bachelor of Commerce (2020)

Krishna Shukla graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and minoring in Management and Political Science. In addition to her studies, she is a member of EKTA – the South Asian Students' Society where she teaches Bollywood dance and has contested in student elections. Krishna has been a part of the CBE GLOBE Internship and MomentuM Professional Development Program, and even worked as a Student Caller and Senior Resident. Off campus, she spends her time volunteering for multicultural groups where she organised events for the Canberra community. In her spare time, Krishna is a member of the ACT Youth Council and regularly works to raise money for the UN Women’s Department and Variety – The Children’s Charity. 

Krishna's career advice to CBE students

How has your CBE experience prepared you for your career?

When I think of my experience at CBE, I am reminded of a Harry Potter quote: “help will be given to those who ask for it”. What I love about CBE is that if you want to grow there are opportunities available to you, both personally and professionally. You have the freedom to make your own decisions. As a student, I actively asked for help and have been endlessly supported in my career development. Whether through my involvement in MomentuM, to having my resumes proofread or attending guest lectures and alumni events – it has all helped me to prepare myself for the professional world, all from the comfort of my own university. 

What insights did you gain from your internship and mentoring experience?

As part of the CBE GLOBE Internship Program I was selected to undertake a summer internship with an IT giant Infosys in Bangalore, India where I worked as a Marketing and Management intern. The opportunity for an internship in a foreign country gave me the valuable chance to learn how to work and adapt to different work cultures. I was able to gain experience in my field of choice and as an added bonus, experience various cultures, foods and even travel in my off time. 

On the other hand, before starting MomentuM, I completely disregarded my soft skills and always felt that employers only cared about experience and grades. It was extremely refreshing to see an entire program built around the importance of professional skill development that focused on the importance of soft skills. The program gave us time to develop and recognise these skills during our degree.