Jason Weng

Jason Weng

Image: Jason Weng 

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Finance (2012)

Jason Weng is an analytical, results-driven, and dynamic professional with expertise in machine learning model builds and delivering insights to foster a data driven decision-making environment. Jason is currently the Growth Data Analytics Marketing Manager at LinkedIn in San Francisco, US.

Before joining LinkedIn, Jason served a number of enterprises specialising in the data analytics area. Jason obtained his Bachelor degree in Actuarial Studies and Finance at the ANU College of Business and Economics in 2012.

Jason’s career advice to CBE students

When did you know you were ready for a job overseas?

I realised that I wanted to try out for an opportunity in the US when I had just completed my three years at Macquarie and felt like I’ve accomplished as much as what my role had to offer. My time at Macquarie was extremely valuable as I felt like I had developed tremendously, both personally and professionally, hence in order for me to leave it would have to be an experience that would have to be both unique and rewarding. US is a leader on many fronts, especially when it comes to data – so it’s only natural for me to pick US as my next challenge, right? Also, worth mentioning that I did a semester abroad at the University of Southern California, through the ANU exchange program. I would strongly advise you to take advantage of these. My exchange gave me great exposure to the US and helped me decide if this is a country I’d like to explore more.

Top 3 tips to settle in the new life in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a truly unique city, with so many unicorn tech companies and having Silicon Valley nearby.

  • Stay open minded to what the city has to offer.
  • Don’t be afraid to approach people, the majority are not locals and will be just like you.
  • Leverage your Australian traits and culture, not many Australians here at this moment.

What does a typical day of a Manager at LinkedIn look like?

I'm currently working from home: wake up, do work, rinse and repeat.

Pre-COVID-19: Get to office around 7:45am (this is mostly to avoid traffic during peak hours) -> get my free breakfast and barista made coffee -> socialise with colleagues -> attend all my meetings for the day (I purposely stack all my meetings in the morning) -> use the free company on-site gym during lunch -> get my lunch and afternoon coffee -> for the entire afternoon, focus on getting the work done (might mix in a few games of ping pong or walks).

Here’s a video posted by a past intern, more or less mirrors my typical day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-eCnX_CnV8