Moulik Naik

Moulik Naik

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Master of Business Information Systems (with Merit) 2016

Moulik Naik is Manager for Robotic and Cognitive Automation at Deloitte. Moulik has a proven track record of gathering requirements and analytical thinking across a range of processes, modelling and analysing technology, and also being involved in team and stakeholder management. He has worked with insurance, banking and telecom clients. Before joining Deloitte, he worked as a Consultant at Suncorp and Automation Design Lead at the Eclair Group. Moulik completed the Master of Business Information Systems (with Merit) at CBE.

Moulik’s responses to questions from CBE students

As a manager in the consulting industry, how do you handle stress and build resilience?

Just like any other work, it’s does not always come easy. While a career in consulting is progressive and rewarding, it’s also challenging and at times stressful. Professionally, it’s more about pragmatic planning and effective communication. In majority of cases, stress arises from failure to meet deadlines and delayed communication with clients. It is important to set the right expectations upfront and plan the project with practically achievable deadlines. In unforeseen circumstances, I keep the client informed on the developments to win their trust that we are invested in their benefit and success.  Personally, I practise daily meditation to combat stress and maintain my calm.

What do employers look for when they read through resumes?

It depends on company’s values and its culture. Recruiters would see whether the candidate meets the company’s aspirational values and displays cultural fit with the team. Besides, the hiring manager would look for experience and skills. The ideal candidate would have relevant experience and demonstrate complementary skills for the role and the broader team. Having skills and experience in a different context or environment is also considered suitable. When I do the interviews, apart from all the above qualities which are absolutely important, I look for a third critical quality. i.e. ABILITY. The right candidate needs to demonstrate/explain that they have the right abilities and attitude. It is about having problem solving mindset and showing the ability to solve complex challenges even though the outcome might not always be positive. In consulting, most of the issues that the clients have are not known before. Hence no one has a ready-made solution for it. This is when the ability to take challenges and solve problems comes into play. To illustrate, I come from a teaching background with no experience in Robotics and AI. However, when I initially started working in this field, I demonstrated that I had had the ability to face new challenges and bring a unique perspective in problem solving. Taking examples from my internships and past projects, I explained to the interviewer that I had applied creative thinking and innovative ideas to solve problems.  It is the individual's interpersonal skills that can't be taught and come only through having the right attitude.

How do you approach the sensitive topic of salary and salary negotiation?

That's the tricky part. Honestly, I do not know the right answer to that. When it comes to the discussion on my expectations with regards to my salary, position etc., I try and seek information on what would the role offers me and how will I progress in that team. I determine whether I will be satisfied working in this role. That's what drives me. It is my firm belief that when someone gives their 100% and performs their self-best, the team/company will reward them appropriately through salary and/or promotion.