Master of Management policies

Welcome to the policy library for ANU. These rules, policies and procedures have been translated into Mandarin are intended to support our ANU-Tsinghua students undertaking the Masters of Management. They set out the University’s position on particular academic, administrative and governance matters and detail the process or approach that staff, students and other members of our community need to follow.

欢迎来到澳大利亚国立大学方针政策文库。相关规章,政策和执行程序已提供相应中文简体译文以向就读澳国立-清华联合管理硕士项目的学生提供帮助和支持。 这里囊括了澳国立对特定学术,行政和管理体系问题的解读和立场,及员工,学生和其他国立社区的成员应遵循的相关流程的具体内容。