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Special Industry Project

Applications for Semester 1, 2024 close on 16 February

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This semester's client is Aspen Medical. More detail is below.

Students must email the CBE Careers and Employability team directly if they wish to apply after 16 February, 2024. Applications received after this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

What is the Special Industry Project?

The Special Industry Project (SIP), a work-integrated learning course at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE), has contributed to solving business cases presented by organisations across Australia. Mimicking the real-world consulting environment, students enrolled in SIP take on a consulting role, working in teams to devise the best solution to a business case.

Every semester, undergraduate students across The Australian National University (ANU) have the unique opportunity to participate in SIP. They work closely with two industry partners – a business client, who provides the business case, and a team of mentors, who coach the participants. The mentors for the course are from Strategy&, who provide strategic advice to businesses.

No previous knowledge about consulting is required for students to enrol in this course. All that is needed is enthusiasm, curiosity about management consulting, a creative mindset and desire for cross-disciplinary learning.

SIP offers participating students a vast range of advantages:

  • A credited (6-unit course), practical semester-long industry project.
  • The opportunity to work closely with students from a diverse range of disciplines in an innovative and multidisciplinary environment.
  • Mentorship from Strategy& management consultants – many of whom are CBE and ANU alumni.
  • Industry-based training with academic and industry guest speakers specialising in the areas of management consulting, business administration, strategy, tourism, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Networking and presentation opportunities.

SIP incorporates weekly lectures that cover strategies, skills and information that will help students develop business solutions. Participating students work in teams, with regular guidance from their mentors, to devise the best solution to a business case. A panel of executives from the client organisation selects a ‘winning’ team.

Who are we partnering with in Semester 1, 2024?

Working for Aspen Medical, a multiple award-winning global healthcare solution provider, students participating in SIP will create a solution to the following business case:

What will be the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and future technologies on the care of chronic diseases in emerging markets, and what should Aspen Medical do to prepare for these changes?

In the solution that students devise, they will need to address:

  • how Aspen Medical can help health professionals leverage AI for more effective care (assessment, treatment, escalation of care) for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer.

This project will suit students studying in diverse disciplines, such as business and economics, information technology, medicine and health, social science and law.

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