Master of Commerce (Advanced) Study Plans

If you are starting your program in Semester 1, please check the suggested study plan on Programs and Courses, at the bottom of the ‘Study’ tab for your program.

Commencing Semester 2

Year 1, Semester 1: 24 units

  • BUSN7008 Financial Statements and Reporting
  • BUSN7052 Commercial Law
  • STAT7055 Introductory Statistics for Business and Finance
  • ECON8069 Business Economics or FINM7006 Applied Foundations of Finance

Year 1, Semester 2: 24 units

  • BUSN7050 Corporate Accounting
  • BUSN7005 Contemporary Issues in Accounting#
  • Choose any one course from the second list*
  • Choose any one course from the second list*

Year 2, Semester 1: 24 units

  • BUSN8007 Analysis of Financial Reporting
  • BUSN8013 Seminar in Research Method in Commerce
  • EMET6007 Econometrics I: Econometric Methods or STAT6038 Regression Modelling
  • BUSN8804 Master Sub-Thesis (Commerce) -6 units

Year 2, Semester 2: 24 units

  • BUSN8145 Corporate Governance: Research Preparation
  • BUSN8804 Master Sub-Thesis (Commerce) - 18 units

# To enrol, you must obtain a permission code via this form and submitting it to CBE Student Services (

* Courses in the second list:

  • BUSN7006 Public Sector Accounting and Reporting
  • BUSN7017 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting
  • BUSN7021 Taxation Law
  • BUSN7031 Management Accounting and Cost Analysis
  • BUSN7036 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUSN7049 Corporate Financial Reporting
  • BUSN7051 Accounting Analytics
  • BUSN7054 Auditing and Assurance Services
  • BUSN7057 Business Association Law
  • BUSN8003 Advanced Managerial Decision Making