Master of Commerce (Advanced)

Follow the below step-by-step guide to complete your enrolment before semester starts.

Step 1. Download the Enrolment Fast Track checklist

Download and print your Enrolment Fast Track checklist.

The checklist has been designed to help you quickly and easily complete all of the important steps you need to follow for enrolment, and to help familiarise you with the University and CBE before you arrive.

Download Enrolment Fast Track checklist

Step 2. Understanding the Interactive Student Information System (ISIS)

The Interactive Student Information System, known as ISIS, is the ANU system that allows students to:

  • enrol in courses
  • view invoices
  • check grades
  • confirm graduation eligibility
  • pay fees
  • submit commonwealth assistance forms (CAF)
  • maintain personal information.

In order to enrol into your courses, you will first need to log into ISIS. Learn how to do this by watching the short “How to Enrol” videos.

Watch "How To Enrol" videos

Step 3. Create your Study Plan

Single degree

Below is a typical study plan for the first semester of a student undertaking your degree. You should enrol in these courses. Write the details of these courses on your Enrolment Fast Track checklist as you will need them again soon.

Year 1, First Semester

Course code

Course name

Class number

Semester 1

Semester 2


Financial Statements and Reporting




Business Economics




Introductory Statistics for Business and Finance




Commercial Law



For more information about the structure of your degree, including choosing electives from other ANU Colleges, visit the Master of Commerce Programs and Courses page.

Information for International & Part-time students

International students

If you are a student in Canberra studying on an international student visa, you have certain requirements that you must continue to meet while you are studying at ANU.

Enrolment load – you must be enrolled with a full-time load which is 24 units (normally 4 courses) in each semester. This will total 48 units (normally 8 courses) in one year.

Address information – you must add your Canberra address and contact phone number in your ISIS account before attending classes.

TIP: Read through the ANU International students website. It includes a lot of very useful information which will help you settle in at ANU and achieve success in your studies.

Part-time students

Domestic students can enrol with a part-time load. You do this by choosing less than 24 units (normally 4 courses) in each semester. Enrolling part-time will extend the duration of your program.

Step 4. Complete the ISIS wizard and enrol into your courses

Follow the task wizard in ISIS to set up your account with your personal information.

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be able to start adding your courses, from Step 3. If you need help, check out the videos from Step 2 again.

Click here to enrol

Step 5. Check your timetable

Please check MyTimetable to see when your tutorials and lectures will be available and in what format.

Most courses at CBE have 2 to 3 hours of lectures and 1 hour of tutorials per course, every week. These are called ‘contact hours’.

For your convenience, some courses have lectures that are repeated and are shown multiple times in the timetable. You don’t have to attend all of these.

If you're having trouble or have a question about MyTimetable read through the noticeboard on the timetable website, and check out the MyTimetable Student User Guide.


Timetable FAQ

How do I get my timetable?

MyTimetable is the ANU official timetabling system enabling students to view the timetable for their enrolled courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials so they can better plan their time.

Please note that your lecture times may change each week. 

For further information regarding timetabling, please visit the ANU Timetabling webpage.

What room is my lecture or tutorial in?

Once you select your courses in MyTimetable you will be able to see which venue each class is held in. Please visit the ANU Map if you need directions.

Please note that your class venue may be subject to change.

For further information regarding timetabling, please visit the ANU Timetabling webpage.

I have a timetable clash between lectures, what can I do?

Should you have a timetable clash between lectures you may either watch the lectures of one course online or enrol in another course in your program.

If you need assistance choosing another suitable course, please view the course requirements for your program through the Programs & Courses website or contact CBE Student Services at

I have a timetable clash between tutorials, what can I do?

If you have a clash between tutorial times and you are unable to attend a different tutorial timeslot, please contact the lecturer or convener of your course to discuss alternative arrangements.

Your lecturer's contact details may be found on the sidebar of each course's Wattle page.

Step 6. Check Wattle for your course materials

Wattle (Web Access To Teaching & Learning Environments) is a learning management system which contains materials for your courses such as readings, course outline, lecture recordings, and information about your assessment items.

The course outline is an extremely important document. It lists your rights and obligations as a student in the course, and lists any textbooks you may need to purchase.

Wattle will usually open on the Monday prior to O week. If you have enrolled into your courses through ISIS before the Friday prior to O week, you should be able to see your courses and enrol into tutorials in Wattle on Monday. Courses take 24 hours to appear in your Wattle after you enrol in them through ISIS.  

Visit Wattle website

Step 7. University Email Account Setup

ANU and CBE will use your ANU Student Email account to contact you about upcoming events, program and course information, graduation checks, and other important information. 

As an ANU student, you are required to regularly check your Student Email account so you don't miss any communication. You are welcome to forward your emails to a personal email address. IT Service Desk has instructions on how to do this here.

Log into Student Email Account

Step 8. Attend O-Week activities

Well done on completing the Enrolment Fast Track checklist! This next step is all about getting to know ANU and enjoying yourself. During O-Week you will meet other new students, familiarise yourself with the campus, and prepare for study. Activities and information sessions will be available for off campus and on campus students.

The College's student induction session will outline essential College information and give you the chance to hear from CBE societies and administrative staff. Keep an eye on your Student Email account for details about your induction session. 

You will also have the opportunity to attend a tour of our facilities, hosted by some of our existing students, and receive important information about your program, support services, academic skills development, and staying healthy during studies.

There are loads of other events on during O-Week at ANU. Visit the Orientation Week website to register for the ANU welcome and remember to join the New@ANU Facebook group!

Step 9. Stay in touch with CBE

The CBE Student Services team

The CBE Student Services team is always here to help with any enquiry you may have.  

Our help desk is in the foyer of CBE Building 26C, located on Kingsley Street, and is open Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm. If you need assistance or advice from Student Services, please email us at, or book an appointment to talk with an advisor. 

It’s never too early to meet a CBE Career Consultant

The CBE Careers and Student Employability team is available throughout the semester to answer your career-related questions.

Early engagement with our Career Consultants can be key to your long-term success at CBE and ANU.

The team can:

  • review your resume
  • guide you through the application and interview process
  • show you how to maximise the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile
  • provide you job search strategies
  • help you find out where your degree can take you.

All CBE students are welcome to make an appointment.

Click here for more information on CBE Careers.

Other key ways to stay in touch

Below are some of the ways that you can stay in touch with CBE throughout your studies:

ANU email account

CBE Website

CBE Facebook

CBE Twitter

CBE Instagram

CBE LinkedIn

Good luck with your first semester at ANU! We look forward to seeing you around campus.

Get additional help

If you're having trouble with any of the above steps, please contact us via

During your first weeks

If you feel that you are struggling with your studies and not coping, please have a look at the following information which may be useful to you.

Enrolment deadlines

You can make changes to your enrolment through ISIS until Monday of Week 2. You may not be given permission to enrol into courses at CBE after this date, so please ensure you're enrolled early. 

If you are enrolled in a course once the census date passes, you will remain liable for the full tuition and associated fees, and the course will appear on your final transcript.

The following standard census dates apply at ANU:

  • First Semester Census Date is March 31
  • Second Semester Census Date is August 31

See the Census dates web page for details.

International students have strict visa requirements. If you wish to drop a course after Week 2, please contact us first via email at