Information for Students

Learning outcomes

The CBE Internship Program aims to provide a select group of students with the opportunity to:

  1. Identify the theoretical knowledge and skills from relevant area(s) of academic study as applicable to the problem identified in the 'real work' environment;

  2. Acquire evidence and information from complex sources as relevant to the problem in the 'real work' environment;

  3. Determine the appropriate information and evidence relevant to addressing the business problem;

  4. Engage critically with the information and evidence to generate best solutions to the problem and of value in the decision-making by the employer/placement/community;

  5. Engage effectively and professionally with multiple stakeholders within and outside the work/professional environment;

  6. Critically reflect upon the value of lifelong learning processes provided through the internship experience; and

  7. Communicate the knowledge, competencies and experience acquired through the internship to peers, academic, specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Coursework assessments

Internships undertaken through this program are taken as a six-unit or twelve-unit course credit. Each successful applicant will be provided with a permission code to enrol in the CBE Internship Program CBEA3070 (undergraduate) or CBEA6070 (postgraduate), which will be counted toward the intern's CBE Degree.

As the Internship is undertaken as an academic course, in addition to working on a project for the host organisation, interns must complete the following assessment items (evaluated by the course convenor and academic supervisor):

  • Project proposal;
  • Two reflections based on workshop topics;
  • Final report; and
  • Final Presentation (postgraduates only).

The workplace supervisor (Host) will evaluate your performance based on criteria sent by CBE and account for 35% (undergraduate) and 30% (postgraduate) of your final grade.

Eligibility requirements

This program is available on a competitive basis, and applicants must meet the eligibility requirements below:

  • is enrolled in an ANU CBE academic program during the semester for which the program is taken;

  • have completed a minimum of:

    • 48 units for postgraduate students across their academic program by the time they would commence the program; or

    • 72 units for undergraduate students across their academic program by the time they would commence the program;

      • Students applying for a degree transfer will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • has space in their academic program to enrol into a 6-unit/12-unit course during the semester for which the program is taken (depending on the internship);

    • After receiving your application, we will work directly with the CBE Student Services Team to ensure that you have space in your academic program to enrol into the program during the semester for which the program is taken.

    • Please note that your application will be withdrawn, regardless of the stage of application you are in, if it is found that you do not meet this requirement.

    • You are welcome to contact the CBE Student Services Team ( for a graduation check before your application, if you are unsure about this. Please also note that you may only enrol in the CBE Internship Program once in your academic program.

  • have GPA of 5.00 or above (out of 7.00) at ANU; or [for undergraduate students ONLY] GPA of 5.0 for the most recent 48 graded units, where the 48 units are taken from courses in the 3 (or more) previous semesters, and total enrolment in those semesters is greater than 48 units, then only the course/s with the highest grade in the earliest semester will be included to make up the 48 units. 

  • have NOT failed a CBE course in the semester/session prior to applying; and

  • must NOT undertake the program CBEA3070 and CBEA3001 concurrently.

Undergraduate students transferring their studies to the ANU from another institution must have completed a minimum of 48 units at the ANU.

Honours students are NOT eligible to apply due to College policies.

Application processes

Eligible students can obtain a CBE-sourced internship placement, whereby the College will assign a host organisation, or self-source their own. The information below provides an overview of the application processes for each of these options.  

CBE-sourced internships

  • The CBE Careers and Student Employability team sources internships for students by directing liaising with host organisations.
  • Students are required to submit their applications below and can select up to three of the advertised internships.
  • The CBE Careers and Student Employability team conducts eligibility checks and shortlists applicants for the host organisation’s review.
  • The host organisation conducts interviews and goes through a selection process with shortlisted applicants.

Student-sourced internships

  • Students directly approach a host organisation regarding an internship placement.
  • Students submit their applications below for the CBE Internship Program along with their internship project details.
  • The CBE Careers and Student Employability team conducts student eligibility and project suitability checks.

For both processes: Successful applicants are provided internship offers and are paired with their academic supervisor for the program.

Students finalise their enrolment and are required to attend a pre-placement workshop prior to commencing their internship. An enrolment code and pre-placement workshop information will be provided at the offer acceptance stage.

Information session

Get informed before submitting the application. Watch the information session for the CBE internship program's:

  • assessments and workshops;
  • host organisations and projects;
  • tips for applications; and 
  • available support.
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Apply now for semester 2, 2021

Review the CBE-sourced projects to select up to three projects. Click "How to apply" in the Applications section to unfold selection questions to prepare your written and video responses.

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For further information about the CBE Internship Program or how to apply, please contact:

Phone: +61 2 6125 9343