Advice from Associate Professor Hai Wu


Associate Professor Hai Wu
Research School of Accounting

What is the best way to work productively with your supervisors? 

To work productively with your supervisors, you may consider incorporating the following three ‘P’s: Be proactive, be prepared and be persistent. 

  • Be proactive: You should actively take ownership of your research projects. Supervisors cannot allocate as much attention to these projects as you do. Therefore, it is your role to actively manage your research and engage supervisors to leverage on their knowledge and experiences. 
  • Be prepared: You should be well prepared prior to all research meetings. More importantly, you should help your supervisors prepare for these meetings. This includes sending your work earlier, communicating meeting agendas, providing updated summaries of your research, etc.
  • Be persistent: Research collaborations, including with your supervisors, requires persistent efforts. Temporary disagreements and setbacks are often a crucial part of the process that will strengthen the research. You should work persistently and patiently with your supervisors to resolve any short-term issues.