Reduce my study load as an international student

If you are an international student and need to take a reduced study load (less than 24 units) in a given semester, you must formally request this. Your request can be made on one of two grounds, which are considered compassionate or compelling.

If you are a student at the College of Business & Economics, eligibility to reduce your study load on academic grounds, which may be considered as compelling, are assessed against the following criteria:

  • You must have completed a minimum of one semester of your program at ANU;
  • You must have a demonstrated history of poor academic performance at ANU;
  • You must have made a reasonable attempt to pass your courses;
  • Your performance must be able to potentially improve if you take a reduced study load; and
  • The approval of a reduced study load will not extend your program.

The following circumstances may be considered when we assess your reduced study load application:

  • failure to pass courses;
  • degree progress requirements; and
  • Professional Accreditation requirements.

When making your application, ensure you cite one of these reasons in your application. Full details of the application process can be found at theĀ reducing your study load as an international student page.