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Let CBE Careers introduce you to our brilliant graduates.

ANU students

CBE Careers is a dedicated team of Career Consultants who can assist with your search for high-calibre talent. Our focus is to connect industry and employers to our CBE students and alumni.

We actively engage with our students and alumni and offer a range of career initiatives and employability programs that build professional skills. We are able identify candidates with outstanding academic qualifications and exceptional professional skills to complement your business and enhance the goals of your organisation.

Our wide range of services and initiatives support the ANU and CBE core strategic vision of creating a holistic educational experience, which goes beyond the classroom and helps to prepare our students for the Australian and international workplace.

Our students

Our degree programs cover a wide spectrum of subject areas within business and economics. Students are also offered a full suite of engaged learning opportunities to increase their employability and globalise their education experience. Candidates are available from the following fields:

Accounting Finance
Actuarial Studies International Business
Business Administration Marketing
Business Information Systems Management
Corporate Sustainability Project Management
Economics Statistics

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Connect with students

CBE Careers can connect you to our talented CBE students and alumni through on-campus and virtual events and initiatives such as:

  • Mock Assessment Centres – promoted to penultimate and final year CBE students preparing for graduate roles. The mock assessment centre provides students with an opportunity to practice their assessment centre skills and receive individual feedback on their performance.
  • Career Fairs – we coordinate two career fairs each year for employers to promote part-time, casual, internship, full-time and graduate program opportunities.
  • Case Studies or Competitions – offer an opportunity for organisations to propose real business problems for high-performing students to research and propose innovative solutions in a problem-solving and competitive forum.
  • Hiring Manager Perspective Workshops - an opportunity for recruitment specialists or hiring managers to present on the recruitment process in the lead up to graduate recruitment season and promote upcoming graduate and internship opportunities.
  • Industry Led Professional Skills Workshops – an opportunity for students to learn from industry leaders about how to build professional skills, as well as an opportunity for industry to promote employment opportunities and provide insights into the organisation.
  • Practice with the Pros: Industry-led Mock Interviews – meet with students actively seeking graduate and internship opportunities through our interactive mock interviews. Help students practice behavioural-based questions and grow your talent pipeline.
  • Employer Meetups – 30-minute to one-hour presentations from domestic and international employers promoting their internship and graduate programs to CBE students.

Promote your organisation

Promote and share information about your organisation, internships, graduate programs, part-time, casual and full-time employment opportunities to our students and alumni through:

ANU CareerHub 

Promote your employment opportunities with a free advertisement on the University’s job board – viewable to all our current students and recent alumni (in 2019 CareerHub had over 100,000 student total logins).

CBE Careers Facebook 

Promote your organisation and opportunities through our Business and Economics Facebook group.

CBE Careers Newsletter 

Promote your brand or employment opportunities through our weekly newsletter email to our cohort of ~7,000 current students.

Targeted Advertisements 

Promote targeted job advertisements to CBE students by academic program and location to help you identify the best talent for your organisation.

Get involved

CBE Internships

The CBE Internships course is a great initiative for industry partners to gain access to a pool of high-achieving and talented ANU students for short-term projects and subsequent graduate positions or employment opportunities. 

CBE Special Industry Project

The CBE Special Industry Project course aims to create and mimic the real-world business environment, providing opportunities for students to take on the role of “consultants” in solving and addressing current business issues. 


MomentuM is an intensive, not-for-credit program for CBE students. MomentuM incorporates compulsory milestones, networking events and industry mentoring to build and develop professional skills and attributes, essential for job-market readiness. MomentuM is one of the ways in which CBE works to prepare our students to successfully navigate the professional landscape. 

CBE GLOBE International Job Board

The CBE GLOBE International Job Board promotes your internship and full-time job opportunities to CBE students.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to identify top talent to complement your business and advance the goals of your organisation. 

Building exceptional employability skills through alumni and industry partnerships

Students, alumni and industry partners can engage with CBE through the many opportunities and connections available:

  • Internship Program
  • Special Industry Project
  • MomentuM Program
  • GLOBE International Job Board
  • Postgraduate study
  • Industry partnerships 
  • Alumni engagement
  • Casual or graduate job opportunities

Download our printable brochure, and find out more about the College’s programs and initiatives.