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Let CBE Careers introduce you to our brilliant graduates.

We actively engage with our students and alumni and offer a range of career development initiatives that build professional skills. The team are able to identify candidates with outstanding academic qualifications and exceptional professional skills to complement your business and enhance the goals of your organisation.

The CBE Careers and Student Employability team can connect you with talented CBE students and alumni through numerous, valuable events.

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Host an Intern

Find out more information about hosting an intern.

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Clients and mentors

Find out more about the CBE Special Industry Project clients and mentor support.

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Information for Mentors

The Momentum team are looking for industry professionals to guide the next generation.

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Promote your organisation

Raise brand awareness and promote internships, graduate program and employment opportunities through our targeted advertising, social media and student newsletter.

ANU CareerHub

Promote your internship and employment opportunities with a free advertisement on the University’s job board, which is viewable to all our current students and recent alumni.

CBE Careers’ newsletter

Create brand awareness and highlight employment opportunities through our weekly newsletter that reaches over 7,000 current students.

CBE Careers and Employability Facebook group

Have your organisation and opportunities endorsed through our CBE Careers and Employability Facebook group.

Targeted advertising

Advertise jobs to CBE students based on their academic program and location to help you identify the best talent for your organisation.

Further information

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Building exceptional employability skills through alumni and industry partnerships

Students, alumni and industry partners can engage with CBE through the many opportunities and connections available.

  • Internships
  • Special Industry Project
  • Momentum professional-development initiative
  • Postgraduate study
  • Industry partnerships
  • Alumni engagement
  • Casual or graduate job opportunities

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