CBE Analytics Plus Project

Analytics Plus Project

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to enhance your skills in data analytics?

The ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) is offering you the chance have a real-world business experience for three weeks, working in data analytics. This project connects teams of students who will analyse and interpret data, and provide valuable insights to a business challenge. You'll get hands-on experience with the latest data analytics tools and techniques, and learn how to communicate your findings effectively to stakeholders, all with the support of an industry mentor. 

During the Analytics Plus Project, you'll commit 100 hours over the three-week period to collaborate online with your team and engage with industry across Australia, and complete a project.

Enhance your skills in analytics, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, and get a competitive edge in the job market.

The project runs Friday 19 June to Sunday 7 July 2023. Applications close Sunday 21 May.
An orientation session will take place on Wednesday 14 June.

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Eligibility requirements

  • Any current CBE undergraduate students who have undertaken at minimum 48 units of their degree(s) in CBE by the end of Semester 1, 2023.

  • Any current CBE postgraduate coursework students who have undertaken a minimum of 24 units of their degree at CBE by the end of Semester 1,  2023.

  • Any CBE Honours students.

  • Any CBE HDR students.


CBE Analytics Plus Project Information Session



 What if I have a part-time job?

It is fine if you have a part-time job, but you must be able to commit a minimum of 100 hours of work to the project over the three weeks of the program. You will need to coordinate commitments with your team to ensure that you’re able to attend meetings and contribute equally to all deliverables.

Do I get to choose the project I work on?

No, projects will be assigned to teams by Practera, the team delivering the experience. They ensure clients submit projects that are interesting and achievable within the program timeframe.

Do I get to choose my team?

No, all teams will be assigned at random.

Will the project be related to my degree?

It could be, but if it isn’t, that’s fine too. The projects are structured to ensure you do not need specific technical knowledge. The main goal is to develop your employability skills through a professional project experience.

Will I be paid to work on this project?

CBE’s Analytics Plus Project is a learning opportunity, designed to aid you in your professional development. It is not a paid initiative. Many students encounter the reality of not being able to gain the relevant experience that industry is telling them they need for the job they are applying for. This work-based project provides an opportunity for you to work on a legitimate project for a client, and develop skills that are crucial to the workforce – all with the support and guidance of an industry mentor. In short, this is a great chance to learn through doing, and gain experience that can showcase your skill to industry.

You will have access to industry professionals throughout the Project, receiving expert advice and feedback that can be pivotal to your personal and professional development. Taking and reflecting on feedback in itself is an essential skill in the workplace!

To aid you in your project with the industry client, we recommend utilising desktop research and publicly accessible data sets. 

Can I skip the orientation session?

The orientation session is compulsory. It is where you will meet your team, mentor and client. Students who do not attend will be removed from the program.

Do I need to access the platform before the orientation session?

Once you’ve been selected to take part in the program, Practera will send you a registration link in order to access the platform.