Failed courses process

Failing a course can be very stressful and you may have a lot of questions about what this would mean for the remainder of your degree. The CBE Student Services team is here to help.

Every semester, we assist many students who have failed courses and there are numerous things we can suggest to help.

The key to success is in understanding how course failure will affect your degree along with taking action to support study success in the future.

Important things to know:

  • If you need help, ask for it as early as you can.  
  • Don’t hide anything from your family – they need to know you are going to be studying for another semester and you will feel better with their support and understanding.
  • If you are on an international student visa, make sure you understand how failing a course could affect your visa and how to apply for an extension.
  • You are not alone! The CBE Student Services team understand your situation and want to help you succeed.

Next steps

We strongly recommend you make an appointment to see one of our CBE Student Services Advisors who will be able to take you through your options step-by-step as well as connect you with a range of academic and other support networks.

Please click here to make an in-person or Zoom appointment.