Training opportunities

What is the ANU code of practice for teaching and learning? How do I develop good learning outcomes for my course? Can I support ANU students better? 

Learn the answers to these questions, and more, by participating in Foundations of University Teaching and Learning.

Modules F2, F4–F6 will be presented in face to face mode on 1 & 5 August, 2016

Modules F1, F3 & F7-F9  are online. Each online module takes about 1.5 – 2  hours, at your own pace (easy to start and stop - do it in one burst or in smaller increments, as it suits you). Module F10 will be face to face, on 8 August, but should only be attended by those who have already participated in F1-F9.

Registration is required for ALL modules.

Introduction to Academic Leadership in Teaching and Learning (IAL) 

Who can register? All ANU academic staff are welcome to register. Professional staff with leadership roles or aspirations for leadership roles are encouraged to register.

The IAL program comprises a series of ten modules (a decamod) of professional development activities that are designed to help participants extend and enrich their repertoire of leadership capabilities. The modules are suited to all academics (Levels A to E), Researchers who lead research groups and Professional staff with roles that intersect with academic units.

For each module, participants will be required to complete pre-session reading and reflection, with notes and readings distributed well in advance. Please note this is a requirement of the IAL program.

Each module is held in the CHELT Seminar room from 12:05-01:55pm. Due to the interactive nature of the IAL program the class size is kept small, maximum number of participants is 20  in each module.  The program commences with IAL1 on the first Wednesday in August, for more details and to register;