Useful information about your office phone

Most CBE offices will be equipped with an Avaya phone. The ITS Netcomms team manages ANU telephone services. Useful information and guides specfic to ANU phones and systems can be found on the ITS telephone information page.

CBE web profile

To change the phone number or extension displayed on your CBE web profile, submit the update profile form.

Conference calls

CBE IT have Avaya Conference phones available to be booked by College staff. Log a job with CBE IT at least 24 hours before the conference call to check availability and allow enough time for set up. Smaller groups can use existing Avaya handsets. For more information on how to use Avaya Telephone conferencing, see the ITS teleconferencing information page.

Voicemail and email notifications

To set up your phone extension voicemail and/or voicemail email notifications follow the instructions on the ITS voicemail page.

ANU Mobile phones

For information about acquiring a business mobile phone, associated Telstra plans and international travel with an ANU mobile device, visit the  ITS mobile devices page.

Other phone queries

to update your phone's Caller ID, update your ANU directory entry, set up EC500 or any other phone related request, please log a job with the IT servicedesk.