Procurement Procedure must be checked to ensure that all threshold requirements are met for purchasing goods and services with University funds.

Transactional based processing is provided by Central Finance (Financial Shared Services). Please see detailed process below for various payments requests.


Applies to

Staff, students and Visiting and Honorary Appointments


Background information

When requesting a reimbursement, there are requirements which, if adhered to, will result in the timely payment of the reimbursement. In particular, requests should be authorized by the appropriate delegate and include a charge code of where the reimbursement will be funded from.

A tax invoice is required to enable the ANU to claim back the GST from the Australian Tax Office on purchases made. The tax invoice requirements are based on the value of the invoice. Detailed information can be found in the Tax Invoice Checklist.

A relevant FBT form is required to be completed for non-salary benefits provided to employees. Useful links:

If the reimbursement is for University business related travel, the travel must be approved by the appropriate delegate prior to departure, please refer to the travel approval process for further information. Please do NOT claim a reimbursement for meals and incidentals if you have received per-diems unless the expenditure incurred is larger than the per-diem received.



  1. Complete the Reimbursement Form.
    • If reimbursements involve foreign currency and: 
      • if preference is to be paid in the foreign currency in which the expense was incurred, please indicate this on the form; or
      • if preference is to be paid in Australian dollars it is the responsibility of the claimant to provide evidence of the exchange rate (credit card statement, cash exchange receipt etc.).
    • Visitors or persons of interest need to provide all information in Part A & Part C in the form.
  2. Attach and label all supporting documentation (receipts/tax invoices and where applicable Missing Receipt DeclarationFBT forms and a copy of the Travel Approval Summary if the reimbursement is travel related).
  3. Send the form and all supporting documentation to your School Administration team for approval if you work in a School, or send it to the relevant delegate if you work in the CBE administration area. Then send the signed form to for processing.
    • You will normally receive the payment within 5 working days after your reimbursement is sent to the Invoice Workflow.
    • If the reimbursement is to be made to a foreign bank account, please allow between 2 to 4 weeks to receive your reimbursement.

Raising Purchase Oder

A supplier may require the ANU to submit a purchase order to them before they are willing to issue an invoice to the ANU. Before raising a purchase order, please ensure you are adhering to the procurement threshold requirements as disclosed in the ANU Procurement Policy.

Please provide CBE Finance with the following documentation and information so that a purchase order can be raised:

Paying Suppliers

Invoices from suppliers are processed and paid through Invoice Workflow (OCR), a module that is built into ES Financials (the University’s finance system). The flow chart at the bottom of this page provides a brief summary of the OCR process.

Before you send the invoice to OCR, please check the following:

OCR Flowchart

Download as PDF

  • The Business Contact is the invoice contact who should be aware of the purchase and whether the goods/services have been appropriately received. Please refer to OCR Guide for Business Contact for detailed instructions.
  • The Financial Delegate is the staff member that has the financial delegation over the charge code being used. Please refer to OCR Guide for Financial Delegate for detailed instructions.

Billing Customers

Please note that all requests for invoice (for payment by customers) should be sent to CBE Finance in the first instance. CBE Finance will review the documentation provided before forwarding it on to Central Finance for processing.

*If employees or students are required to reimburse the ANU for amounts received in error (e.g. duplicate reimbursement), payment should be made to the ANU’s bank account directly and an invoice does not need to be raised. Please contact CBE Finance for ANU’s bank details and additional information on the process.

Request an Invoice for payment by a customer

Please complete the Request for Invoice Form and send it to CBE Finance with an agreement or confirmation from the customer regarding payment.

Amend an invoice

Please provide CBE Finance with the correct details and reason(s) for amendment. CBE Finance will arrange a credit note to cancel the incorrect invoice and request for a new invoice to be raised.

Write off an invoice

If it is deemed that an invoice is irrecoverable and in the delegate's judgement the recovery of a debt is uneconomical to pursue, the invoice will need to be written off. A Request for Write-off Form must be completed and sent to CBE Finance. Please note that sound reason(s) must be indicated in the form if dunning letter were not sent or external debt collection agency were not engaged. CBE Finance will review the information before forwarding it to Central Finance for final approval.

For more information, please refer to the Debt management recovery process. for more information.

Payment from employees or students to the ANU

If you need to refund or reimburse University, please follow instructions below:

  • For accidental personal use of your ANU purchase card for personal expenditure, please see the Accidental Personal Use of ANU Purchase Card process on how to reconcile this in Concur and reimburse the ANU.
  • To refund ANU for amounts paid to you in error (e.g. duplicate payment), please contact CBE Finance.