All travel must be pre-approved by a delegated officer prior to ticketing in accordance with the relevant Finance Procedures and Human Resource Procedures. Travellers must not under any circumstances authorise their own travel.

Travel approval

Travel applications for staff and students are made through the online Travel Approval eForms process.

The travel approval process can be found here.

Guides for eForms users: 

Travel Policy & Procedure:

Should you encounter any technical difficulties with your online travel approval, please contact the Travel Approval Helpdesk (email: ; phone: +61 2 6125 4321 - option 1 then option 6).

Payment for travel related expenditure

Preferred options

  • Book your flight and accommodation from preferred agents. You can find more information about this here.
  • The University encourages the use of ANU purchase card to pay for travel related expenses. Where possible, payment and acquittal for all travel expenses are to be made using an ANU purchase card. Please see here for information on the application and use of an ANU Purchase Card


You can seek a reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses that you incur as long as it is business related.

*Please do NOT claim a reimbursement for meals and incidentals if you have received per-diems.

Per-Diems & Travel Advances

Please note that payment for accommodation should be made to the supplier directly (by using an ANU purchase card or through an invoice received from the supplier). Per-diems or advances cannot be spent on accommodation.

Request for per-diems and travel advances should be submitted through Travel Approval eForms.

  • Request for Per-Diems

    • For travel to international destinations which operate largely under a "cash economy", travelers may claim a per-diem to cover meals and incidentals. Please see details here.
  • Request for Travel Advances

    • Travel Advances should only be used when there is no viable alternative payment method. Please see ANU Procedure for Advances for information about use, authorization, payment and acquittal of advances.

Travel Insurance

The University travel insurance covers all employees, volunteers, students and any other authorised travelers whose cost of travel is paid by the ANU on approved business travel.

Please refer to Travel Policy and Travel Information Kit for detials.

claim form should be prepared with supporting documentation and sent to ANU Insurance Office as soon as possible. You have 12 month to lodge your claim from the date of occurrence. Please note that the travel insurance claim form is also built into the Travel Approval eForms.

If you have any queries regarding insurance, please contact the Insurance Office.