Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I provide wireless access to visitors during an event?

A: Please contact College IT ( one week prior to the event and provide the name of the session along with the start and end dates. A generic username and password will be provided for use by visitors over the duration of the event.

Q: How do I connect to my ANU lecture theatre 'Documents' (Homedrive)

A: You can map a network drive on your College computer by following these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Start' menu
  2. Select 'Computer'
  3. Press 'Map network drive' at the top
  4. Choose drive letter 'P:'
  5. Copy the following folder path with your university ID:
  6. Check 'Reconnect at logon'
  7. Press 'Finish'
  8. If prompted, enter your credentials with the format:
    {HORUS/ISIS password}

Your drive should appear shortly afterwards, or look in 'Computer' for 'P:' drive.


Q: How do I add a shared calendar? (including CBE Infrastructure for room bookings)

A: Follow these steps for Outlook 2007/2010:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select 'Calendar' from the bottom-left
  3. Select 'Open Calendar' from the top menu, then choose 'From Address Book...' (or 'Open a Shared Calendar...' link in Outlook 2007)
  4. For College functional calendars type 'CBE' in the search box & double-click the one that you want, otherwise type a name and select an individual
  5. Press 'OK'
  6. The calendar will appear* next to your own personal calendar
    * it may take a few seconds to populate with entries

Common calendars include 'CBE Infrastructure' (room bookings) and 'CBE Executive Calendar' (College Executive acting periods).

Q: How do I connect email on my mobile/tablet?

A: Please see the mobile device connection guides.

Q: How do I add a shared/functional mailbox?

A: Please see the Office 365 connection guide

Q: How do I set an automatic signature in Outlook?

A: Setting a signature to automatically appear in your emails varies depending on your Outlook version. Follow the guide for your version of Outlook

Q: How do I add a linked image to my signature?

A: Please see the adding a linked image to my signature in Outlook guide. The guide will also require a College banner image or image HTML file.

Q: How do I block an email sender?

A: There are two ways that you may block an email sender who is sending unwanted or unsolicited email - mark their communication as 'junk mail' in Outlook, or add them to your 'black list' in ANU quarantine.

Outlook junk mail:

  1. Right-click on the unwanted message
  2. Select the 'Junk' option
  3. Click on 'Block Sender'

ANU Quarantine:

  1. Visit
  2. Login using your HORUS/ISIS credentials
  3. Select 'Blocked Senders' on the left
  4. Paste or type the unwanted sender address
  5. Press 'Add Sender'
  6. Click 'Log Out' on the left

Q: How do I send large email attachments?

A: ANU staff and students are able to access the secure CloudStor service hosted by AARNet to send files larger than 25MB.

Please see the instructions for sending large emails via CloudStor