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Traditional lecture content delivery should be pre-recorded, to take advantage of asynchronous learning designs.


CBE has reserved four lecture theatres for recording use by CBE staff during Semester 2. Pending the technology available in the lecture room users should have access to the following inputs:

  • PC Desktop (record anything displayed on the desktop)
  • Document camera
  • HDMI input – connect a personal device/laptop using a HDMI input (users may need an adaptor to connect the HDMI cable to their device)
  • Some lecture spaces are also enabled with Whiteboard capture. Tip: users should create initial test recording to confirm clarity – take into account lighting that creates glare, writing size, marker colour, how much of the whiteboard is captured by the camera etc.



Recordings can be made using Echo360 Universal Capture, Zoom, Microsoft PowerPoint or any other recording software. The table below includes links to ANU supported software and details some of their key features.


Key features

Echo360 Universal
Capture Personal (UCAP)
  • Recordings save directly to Echo360 library (personal/direct to class available).
  • One or two inputs can be recorded at any one time (e.g. desktop and/or webcam). Inputs cannot be changed during a recording.
  • UCAP does not record system sounds (e.g. YouTube video sound). 
ANU Zoom Client
  • Allows for multiple screen share input changes throughout a recording (including whiteboard).
  • Allows for small 'talking head' thumbnail to be recorded during screensharing.
  • Manual upload to Echo360 library or Wattle required.

Mircosoft Office365


Note: a greater number of shorter recordings are more appropriate than traditional hour-long lecture blocks.

Previous content

Where possible, past recordings should not be recycled for semester 2, unless they are high quality and appropriate. 

Re-use a recording from a previous year or semester >>


Recorded lectures should be made available at a regular time each week.

  • For content uploaded to Echo360 availability settings can be included when sharing or copying content to your course site and amended at any time in the availability settings.
  • Availability for content uploaded directly to Wattle sites can be managed using access restrictions (available in the activity or resource settings).


If lectures are designed to include an interactive component, then live delivery is acceptable provided that the lectures are recorded and made available to all students.

Live lectures can be delivered using Echo360 Universal Capture or Zoom (Adobe Connect can also be used however is currently only accessible to students studying in Australia). The table below includes links to ANU supported software and details how they can support live teaching. 



Echo360 Universal 
Capture Personal (UCAP)

Universal Capture Personal (UCAP) now allows users to live stream their teaching and have it recorded at the same time. The recorded live stream will then be uploaded to the Echo360 sites for students to view.

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ANU Zoom Client

Incorporate intercative elements into your teaching including break rooms, polling, and a shared whiteboard.

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