First aid

First aid is the immediate treatment or care given to a person suffering from an injury/illness until more advanced care provided, or the person recovers.

Find out more about First Aid Officers, the Designated Resting Area, and the First Aid kits at the College of Business and Economics.

After hours contact ANU Security on 612 52249.

For a medical emergency call 0-000.

AED locations

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is located near the Designated Resting Area on level 1 of CBE Building 26C. (For further advice with regard to location of AEDs on campus please see the map at this link Campus AED Locations.)

If medical attention is necessary

  • In an emergency where urgent medical attention is necessary always call an Ambulance - call 000
  • Cost/payment of Ambulance can be discussed at a later date
  • Staff should not drive colleagues to the hospital
  • Individual’s emergency contact should be contacted in any event where emergency services are not required.

Report an incident

ANU staff have a duty of care to ensure that all injuries or near misses are reported.

To report and incident, hazard or near miss:

  1.  Log into Figtree (or a Quick Link is available in HORUS)
  2.  Complete an incident, hazard or near miss notification
CBE Building 26C

Haynes Crossley

Student Services Officer

Mrs Lorna Monaghan

Deputy HR Manager

Ms Erica Anand

Student Services Officer

Linda Parker

Senior Project Officer (Advancement & Engagement)

Ms Patricia Dennis

Senior School Administrator

Ms Anna Pickering

Student Administrator

Mr Andrew Martin

WHS & Facilities Support Officer

Mr Lucas Danes

Events and Outreach Coordinator
LF Crisp Building 26

Ms Devyani Gupta

Student Administrator

Ms Alida Gyory

Senior Student Administrator
PAP Moran Building 21

Alison Evans

Student Administrator

Associate Professor Keturah Whitford

Reader, Board member Australian Science Innovations Inc
HW Arndt Building 25A

Dr Sander Heinsalu

Senior Lecturer

Designated Resting Area


Room 1.01 C (just near the elevator)
Level 1
Building 26C 
Telephone number: x56323

Staff need to use their swipe card for access.


First aid kits, lounge, sink and counter. A sharps disposal box is also provided for used needles. 

Please contact one of the First Aid Officers listed on the contact list provided in the Designated Resting Area when using the room.

If there is a medical emergency please call: 0-000

Alternately, press the red duress button on the wall.

If you use the Designated Resting Area, wherever possible, please leave it clean and tidy before you depart.