Health and Safety

The CBE WHS Team is committed to providing a workplace that is safe and healthy for all staff, students, contractors and visitors. The team is your first point of call for knowledge and information of work health and safety issues or concerns, including hazards, incidents and risks.

Emergency information

What to do in an emergency and where to go to get additional information about how an emergency will handled within CBE.

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Hazards and incidents

How to report a hazard, near miss or incident.

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First aid

Information about getting first aid assistance and the location of Automatic External Defibrillator (AEDs) across the campus.

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CBE WHS Community

WHS and Infrastructure staff, WHS committee, Health and Safety Representatives, Occupational Strains and Liaison Officers.

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Risk assessments, registers and WHSMS Local Plans

Risk Assessments and Work Health and Safety Management System Plans for each Research School and the College.

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Hazardous materials

Where to get information about Hazardous materials within CBE.

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Building amenities

Where to find accessible toilets, building lifts and available amenities for parents.

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Stay Safe on Campus with the ANU OK app

The University has launched a free app to help students and staff remain safe on campus.

It provides quick and easy access to security and essential services in case of an emergency.

ANU OK is available for free download:

The Key features of ANU OK are direct access to:

  • ANU security
  • All Emergency Services
  • Safety Escorts
  • Campus Community Forum
  • Support, Counselling and health 
  • Legal, financial and Housing advice 
  • Lost and found items
  • Life on campus tips 
  • Academic support

Check In CBR

The Check In CBR app is a contactless, secure and convenient way for customers to sign into a Canberra venue. The app helps protect the community by assisting with faster contact tracing. Use of the Check In CBR app to check in to commercial venues became mandatory on Saturday 06 Mar 21.

All ANU facilities and buildings being used for the usual university activities, whatever they may be, are exempt from this, however all commercial cafes, gyms etc are not.

The ANU community is strongly encouraged to get into the habit of checking in wherever they are.