Please note some of the links included in this webpage are to Wattle sites. For these links to work users will need to be logged into Wattle and enrolled in the Teaching Remotely Wattle site (enrolment key: TeachFromHome). Other links may require self-enrolment (no enrolment key required). 

Setting expectations

Structured consultation & email response hours should remain the same every week.

Clearly communicated contact hours will help manage student expectations (and help staff compartmentalise). Staff should set and manage their contact hours. For example, a staff member may choose to reply to emails weekly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, in which case this should be clearly communicated.

Expected times until questions are answered on Wattle forums should also be clearly communicated to students. Tip: respond to common themes recieved through emails in Wattle forums and ask students to check here before emailing. 

Communicating consultation times

Consultation times & online locations should be clearly displayed on Wattle sites in a section close to the top of the site. Consultations times can be included in blocks (samller information sections usually located to the right hand side of the screen) - just keep in mind that on smaller screen displays blocks will be displayed below all course topics, so may not be as obvious to students depending on the device they are using. 

Consultation tools

In addition to Zoom, Wattle tools are also available to assist in consulting with students. 

  • Chat - have a real-time synchronous discussion with students
  • Scheduler - allow students to book in a time to help manage consulation sessions
  • Forums - let students know when you'll be activetly responding to forum posts and comments to foster student engagement beyond one-way messageing through annoucments

Need help? 

Get in contact with the CBE Educational Technologist at the details below:

CBE Educational Technologist