Building amenities

Floor plans

Plans of each level showing (in separate, downloadable PDFs) the locations of:

  • AED (Level 1)
  • Designated Resting Area (Level 1) and first aiders list
  • emergency exits
  • emergency assembly area
  • fire-fighting equipment
  • emergency warden equipment
  • amenities

Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets, for people with disabilities, within the CBE buildings are marked on the following diagram. 
Please click on the image to see a larger version.

Map of disabled toilet locations

Link to full map of campus showing all disabled toilets.

Lift access to buildings

The buildings with lift access are shown highlighted below.
Please click on the image to see a larger version.

Map of lift access

Link to full map of lift access on campus.

Parents' room

Located on Level 1 in room 1.01 B (just near the elevator), in Building 26C.

This room is locked and requires staff and students to use their swipe card for access.

This room provides a quiet place to breastfeed, bottle feed or express milk privately. For your privacy, please slide the "in use" sign on the front of the door when entering, and lock the door behind you when using the room.

Facilities include:

  • A baby changing table
  • microwave
  • hot and cold water
  • a comfy chair
  • some play equipment for young children
  • child safety locks are in place on cupboards
  • waste disposal

Those using the room are encouraged to maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and cleanliness and to clean the facilities they use each time they use the room. To ensure the hygiene of all children, the change table should be cleaned before and after each use.

Telephone number: 612 57357.

Please address any concerns, issues or suggestions regarding the Parents room to the Infrastructure team at or call 612 54585.