Teaching at ANU

Advice for new lecturers

  • Lectures start five minutes after the scheduled commencement time and finish five minutes prior to the scheduled end time.
  • Talk to other lecturers in the same area and ask advice and teaching tips.
  • Talk to the professional staff responsible for teaching matters. 
  • If possible, attend one or two lectures of more experienced lecturers of the same or similar course.
  • Go to your lecture room at least once prior to your first lecture to become familiar with the technology available.
  • The first time you log in to a computer in a lecture theatre, it will download your ANU profile. This may take 10-15 minutes, so it is advisable to arrive early or to log in a few days in advance if possible. Subsequent logins should be faster. 
  • Lectures are recorded automatically by the Echo360 system. If you do not wish to record your lectures, you must seek approval to opt-out from the CBE AD(E). The only permissible reason for this is that the nature of the class (e.g. seminar style) is not conducive to recording.
  • All assignments should be submitted through Turnitin, unless you have sought an exemption (contact your DDE or equivalent).
  • CBE signature block requirements
  • Things to ask your School

    • Tutorial slots and tutor selection – information on how to allocate slots and select tutors
    • How to order textbooks