Your first day

If you have any employment related queries and you are not sure who can help, why not contact us at Human Resources on 6125 7335 or at

Please ensure you have brought the documents described on the Before you arrive page. 


Have you visited HORUS yet to check your payslip? If not, visit the HORUS website, which is the University's HR self-service system.

Once your employment record is activated and you have received your University ID from the CBE HR team you will be able to access HORUS. Options available include:

  • Check pay slips and update banking details;
  • Update personal details including contact information;
  • Apply for leave and check leave balances;
  • Register for training and view training records;
  • Check delegations;
  • Access to online payment summaries.

Pulse and Equal Opportunity Online learning

ANU Pulse and EO Online provides you with free self-paced online learning courses.  In addition to the face to face induction, we strongly encourage you to complete the ANU Orientation which includes a welcome and information on getting started with ANU.

New employees, as a condition of probation, are required to complete the following four mandatory online learning modules:

ANU Pulse

  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness
  • Code of Conduct
  • Comcare work health safety.

EO Online

  • Equal Opportunity Online - fair play on campus

These modules should be completed during your first week.   

Code of conduct

The ANU Code of Conduct applies to all staff members and is intended to guide staff in their dealings with colleagues, students, the University and the local, national and international communities. This is required reading.

Building & IT access

College Buildings are open from 7.45am to 9.15pm during teaching periods and 8am to 6pm during teaching breaks. Outside of these times you will need your ID card to gain building access.

IT Access/Phones

On your first day, your School Administrator will provide you with a login for your computer and email, and help setup your phone. IT services have a webpage with information regarding the University’s phones. IT assistance can also be accessed by calling x54321 or logging a job through the IT service desk.

All College members are required to adhere to the ANU Acceptable use of Information Technology Policy. Please read and pay particular attention to the User Responsibilities highlighted in section 5.

University Acronyms

Acronyms are used widely and readily across the University. This site will assist you with most of the acronyms used.

Booking College rooms

College meeting and seminar rooms can be booked through Outlook.

To make a booking, open Outlook.

  • Select the Home tab
  • Select Open Calendar
  • Select from room list
  • Nominate room (Building number listed first)
  • Diary for that venue should open
  • Make entry.

guideline with pictures is available for download. 

Prior Service

ANU may recognise previous continuous full-time or part-time service with another Australian university or university body or an approved authority as specified in the Long Service Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1976 for the purposes of long service leave and sick leave provided that any break in service between previous employment and commencement at this University does not exceed two months.

The College staff lounge (located in room 2110, Level 2, LF Crisp Building). The lounge is open from 9.15 am to 11.00 am (x58952) for hot beverages. This is a free service for all CBE College staff and CBE HDR students. Remember to take your mug with you.

Atticus Coffee (located on the ground floor of CBE Building 26C). Open from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. (Please note that the cafe can vary its opening hours during teaching breaks.)

College bike – The College has a push bike for the use of staff for transport on campus.  You only need to sign a form indicating you are competent in riding a bike and you can then borrow the bike. To book the bike, please call Susanna Pietrzak on x57342.

First Aid Room - Located on the ground floor of CBE Building 26C, just behind the elevators. Staff will require their access card to swipe for access. You can find more information here.

Parents' Room - Located on the ground floor of CBE Building 26C, just behind the elevators. Staff require their access card to swipe for access. You can find additional information here.

Booking College rooms – College meeting and seminar rooms can be booked through Outlook.

To make a booking, see the instructions.

Showers for staff are located -

In CBE Building 26C in room 2.32 (level 2), room 3.34 (level 3) and room 4.26 (level 4)

In Arndt Building 25 in room 1031 (level 1) and room 2039 (level 2)

In the Crisp Building 26 on the ground floor (near the stair well).

CBE Health & Safety

The CBE Health & Safety webpage provides details regarding emergency procedures, incident reporting, CBE WHS hazard register and the College Health and Safety representative details. It also provides WHS links, CBE WHS Committee details, emergency warden, first aid officer and OSLO staff lists.

Workstation assessment

Ensuring your workstation is suitably adjusted to support good working posture is an essential part of reducing the risk of injury.

A workstation assessment should be performed at commencement of employment. There are three options for checking on your workstation set up.

  1. Do a self check. Guidelines for setting up your workstation will help. This is suitable in the absence of any injury.
  2. Request an Occupational Strains Liaison Officer (OSLO) assessment. This is suitable If you are a new employee or do not have an injury. To find an OSLO is in your area check the College's Health and Safety webpages.
  3. Assessment by a health professional from WHS. This should occur if you have an injury or are experiencing any painful symptoms. Submit an incident notification via HORUS and an assessment time will be arranged. Following the assessment a report will be sent to you and your supervisor. 

Electrical safety

The ANU Electrical Safety Management Procedure aims to effectively manage and minimise electrical related health risks to persons working at or visiting the University.

The following information provides a guide on electrical items that are not permitted for use on university premises

  • Double adaptors are not permitted and should be removed and replaced with EPODs fitted with overload protection devices.
  • Plugs with integral outlet sockets (piggy back plugs) are to be avoided
  • Low cost and low quality power boards should be avoided
  • Extension cords should only be used as a temporary solution and are not to be installed as fixed wring

The following guide applies to privately–owned electrical appliances:

  • The use of privately owned electrical appliances is discouraged
  •  All non ANU owned electrical appliances are required to be tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004) prior to their use on university premises. The cost of testing and tagging is the responsibility of the appliance owner.

General safety hints for users of electrical appliances: ANU Brochure 'Electrical Safety - Be Safe with Electricity

For further information contact the CBE Work Health and Safety team

Stay Safe on Campus with the ANU OK app

The University has launched a free app to help students and staff remain safe on campus.

It provides quick and easy access to security and essential services in case of an emergency.

ANU OK is available for free download on Android and iOS devices.

The Key features of ANU OK are direct access to:

  • ANU security
  • All Emergency Services
  • Safety Escorts
  • Campus Community Forum
  • Support, Counselling and health 
  • Legal, financial and Housing advice 
  • Lost and found items
  • Life on campus tips 
  • Academic support

ANU Security maintains a 24 hour presence on campus in order to ensure the safety and protection of all students, staff and visitors, as well as to protect the University assets. ANU Security maintains a 24 hour patrol, responding to emergency situations and providing First Aid. 

Phone + 61 2 612 52249 (extension 52249 from internal phones) or email

If the emergency is of a life threatening nature, dial 000 and state the nature of the emergency. If dialling from an ANU internal phone you will need to dial 0000. Your call will be transferred to the appropriate trained emergency operator.

College Buildings are open from 7.45am to 9.15pm during teaching periods and 8am to 6pm during teaching breaks. Outside of these times you will need your ID card to gain building access.