Athena Shen

Athena Shen

Athena is completing a Master of Actuarial Studies at CBE. Since starting her journey with the College, she has had several learning experiences, in particular through MomentuM, the College’s flagship professional development and mentorship initiative for students.

Can you share a memorable part of your CBE experience?  

MomentuM has been one of the most valuable, memorable and impactful parts of my uni life. I learned a lot of career-related information from its workshops and had the opportunity to meet many people with impressive experience from working in different industries. My mentor was kind, genuine, positive, wise, skilled and experienced. He gave me a lot of advice when I felt confused about my career.

What was your favourite class and why?

Actuarial Techniques is a compulsory course and its structure is quite special as it consists of four projects. The lecturer grouped students with tutors, who provided advice when we had any problems. This was an enriching learning environment. 

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