How to apply

If you’ve decided to apply to the ANU College of Business and Economics, then you've made a great choice. Here you can follow a step-by-step guide to lead you through the application process.


Choose from our range of business and economics Undergraduate degrees at Australia's number #1 university.

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Pathways into Honours

An Honours year is typically a fourth year of study that is a continuation of an Undergraduate degree.

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Stacey Lin

"Studying at ANU is about unlocking my potential and dreaming big. I would have never imagined that I would volunteer in the Czech Republic, work as a part-time analyst, complete a summer course at London School of Economics, intern with the top reinsurer in the world and complete an honours thesis."

Stacey Lin
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Statistics


Looking to take your career to the next level? Take the first step with our suite of Postgraduate programs.

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PhD & MPhil

Students who wish to undertake a graduate research program at ANU can do so through either a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Master of Philosophy (MPhil).

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Alex Dalczynski

"I chose to study at ANU because of its exceptional reputation, modern facilities and highly qualified teachers. The environment at ANU is one that stimulates intellectual curiosity and inspires students to aim for excellence."

Alex Dalczynski
Bachelor of Law (Honours)/Commerce
Canberra, Australia

International Credit Arrangement

For recognised partner institutions and programs, the ANU College of Business and Economics will recognise prior study and offer credit towards selected undergraduate degrees. Find out more about our international credit arrangement here.



Answers to commonly asked questions about the application process at The Australian National University College of Business and Economics.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Information on scholarship opportunities offered by the ANU is available at ANU Scholarship webpage. There are a range of scholarships on offer please check condition of award for each scholarship for eligibility. Domestic undergraduate students submitting an application through the ANU Admissions, Scholarships and Accommodation (ASA) portal for 2020 no longer need to apply separately for scholarships.

What is a flexible double degree?

ANU has pioneered the Flexible Double Degree so you can satisfy your intellectual curiosity and tailor your studies to prepare for your dream career. You can study two degrees for a shorter duration. Click here to find out more about the flexible double degrees offered at ANU.

What is a flexible vertical double degree?

A flexible vertical double degree allows you to combine a Bachelor and a Master degree in one study program. Unfer the flexible vertical degree, you can graduate with two qualifications. This vertical study program gives you credit for related areas of study, so you can save time (and money) when compared with studying a Bachelor degree and a Master degree separately. Click here to find out more about our Vertical Double Degree programs.

I am an international student. How can I receive assistance to complete my application?

ANU has an extensive network of official agent representatives in more than 50 countries. Agents can help you with you enquiries and all aspects of your applications.