Bachelor of Finance


Why study Finance at ANU

Do you dream of living and thriving in the leading financial cities of the world - New York, London, Shanghai, Sydney or Hong Kong? Stop dreaming and get going. An ANU Bachelor of Finance will equip you to excel in the global financial marketplace.

As a student you will be challenged to solve a variety of financial problems while developing a keen analytical mind. Having these skills will prove invaluable in the fast changing world of finance.

As a Bachelor of Finance graduate from the Australian National University you will be highly sought-after, so aim high and think about which cityscape view you want from your office.

You must choose one major from the options of

  • Capital Markets
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Asian Capital Markets


The Bachelor of Finance with the Capital Markets major is recognised as a CFA Program Partner by the Chartered Financial Analysis Institute (CFA).

Further information is available from the College professional organisations page.

Length: 3 years full-time

CRICOS #: 039746C

UAC code: 133203 (B Finance)

Semester intake: 1 or 2

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Career options

Finance has applications in many fields including banking, financial consulting and planning, funds management, merchant banking, stock broking, and treasury. Examples of job titles are listed below:

Financial dealer/broker

Financial dealers and brokers conduct financial market transactions on behalf of clients and offer advice on financial matters.

Financial manager/analyst/specialist

Combines financial knowledge with management, marketing, and operational skills in order to recognise the impact of financial data on the business as a whole, as well as on individual areas within the business. Translates financial data into non-financial terms and communicates it to all levels within the organisation.

Mathematical statistician

Designs and analyses experiments, develops new statistical theories and forecasting models, and designs sample surveys and quality control systems.

Corporate Treasurer

Plans short and long term finance for organisations and advises on the financial consequences of internal and external decisions. They design investment portfolios to manage financial risk for organisations by acquiring, looking after, and investing funds.

Operations manager

Possesses expertise in both finance and information technology. Usually works closely with the Chief Finance Officer and the IT department, to measure the value of software and web-deployed applications. Helps businesses make decisions that are both financially and technologically sound. Is also responsible for working with vendors of financial software and applications.

How to apply

If you’ve decided to apply to the ANU College of Business and Economics, then you've made a great choice. Here you can follow a step-by-step guide to lead you through the application process.

Careers services and internships

Have access to our innovative and engaged Careers and Student Employability team. Our Career Consultants are ready to help you successfully navigate the professional landscape and achieve employment success in the global market.

Scholarship opportunities

We offer a wide range of scholarships to future students to assist with the cost of their studies. There are also funding support opportunities offered by the Australian and overseas governments, and other industry partners and affiliates, that you can take advantage of.

Life on campus

Our students widely report that one of the best things about studying at ANU is the on-campus experience. Our strong focus on residential living has helped build a vibrant and diverse community, where you can find like-minded peers and make lifelong friends.


ANU offers more homes to students on campus than any other Australian university, and a residential experience that's second-to-none.