Skye Wei Hu

Skye WeiHu


Skye is currently in her fourth and final year of a double Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Arts. Despite currently completing her degree under lockdown in Melbourne, throughout her first 3 years studying on-campus she actively participated in ANU wide clubs and societies, and took part in various international program opportunities such as PRIMO and the GLOBE International Internship Program. Last year, she was the Marketing Director of the Actuarial, Finance, Economics and Commerce Society (AFEC), which aims to support CBE students to realise their potential through elevating their career prospects and enhancing their social engagements.

What valuable lessons have you learned being a part of the CBE Internship Program?

I joined the CBE Internship Program in 2019 as the Australian Chamber of Commerce’s Future Industry 4.0 Intern, which inspired me to venture out beyond my degree, and shaped my aspirations to further my skills in a practical context.

This internship has enabled me to connect with a range of professionals and has widened my network to include prominent industry leaders and politicians. From these connections, I learned a great deal about the future of Australia as well as the importance of building professional networks and to put your best foot forward in any given situation. Due to the fast-paced environment of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, I now have a better understanding of the importance of collaborating and communicating effectively. With the guidance of my internship supervisor and those around me, I learned the importance of being proactive, dealing with ambiguity, and being flexible to change.

How have your internships helped with your career development?

In my penultimate year of university, I took part in both the CBE Internship Program and the GLOBE International Internship Program. Both were invaluable to my career development, as I was able to build on my business acumen and overall employability in an unfamiliar environment - domestically and internationally. Those internships have helped me develop essential skills such as leadership, confidence, as well as professional and effective cross- cultural communication. These skills continue to empower me to thrive in the professional world.

Capable individuals with business acumen, who are also invested in personal development, are invaluable to any firm. As such, I encourage all CBE students to make use of the opportunities and resources the College has to offer and to discover your own unique personal brand.