Saad Khalid

Saad Khalid

Saad is completing a Bachelor of Finance at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE). He currently works as a Management Consultant for the Commonwealth Government with Sententia Consulting in strategy, risk, management, and internal audit.

Saad has engaged in many CBE Careers initiatives. He recently completed a CBE Internship with the ACT Government’s Climate Change and Energy Division, and was a mentor for the professional-development initiative Momentum. He is an active member of the University’s community as General Secretary of the ANU Consulting Society (ANUCS).

Saad has a keen interest in effecting societal change, and aspires to pursue a career at the crossroads of broadcast and business.

23 AUGUST 2022

How have your extra-curricular experiences/part-time jobs helped you develop your skills and experiences throughout your degree and with your internship?

I strongly believe that my time at ANU, together with my achievements over the last few years, have established the person I am today. The CBE Careers and Student Employability team have been a tremendous help, from the first ever CV screening that I did with them, to the completion of a CBE Internship. I want to give special thanks to Dr Andrew Tran, and to Caitlin and Belle from the CBE Careers and Student Employability team – the breadth of personal development initiatives they have available has greatly enlightened my career choices and informed the person I’ve become.

Here are few highlights of my time at University.

  • Participating in CBE’s Momentum initiative – this showed me that my personal brand transcends more than what I’d believed, and empowered me to seek opportunities in consulting and work in government – to great success! 
  • Taking part in on-campus societies, and the leadership opportunities it led to, showed me that there’s much more to University than just study. I found like-minded people who helped me develop networks and further opportunities that followed.
  • Completing a CBE Internship with the ACT Government specialising in Climate Change and Energy. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t have dreamed. I could develop my skillset for Government policy-making, and I got an inside look at high-priority targets.
  • Simple coffee and lunch catch-ups with people and taking advantage of my free time! In a few years, we’ll be too busy to enjoy what it means to be a University student.

What advice would you give first-year students wanting to get involved? (In terms of extra-curricular activities like volunteering, Momentum, student societies etc.)

Go to events! A lot of lessons came out of talking to people and following through with ideas generated in those discussions. Remembering an intricate detail about someone goes a long way in building long-lasting interpersonal relationships. We’re fortunate to have many societies on campus that cater to all interest groups. These societies host regular events with companies across the business, government and private sectors. You’ll be with a network of people that can help guide your next steps to where you want to be. Someone from your Finance course may well be your future colleague.

Get involved in CBE Careers initiatives. When I first started university I went to a CV feedback session and careers chat with a CBE Careers consultant. They asked me what I wanted to achieve during my time at ANU and what steps I wanted to take to get there. Since then, I have gone to several company events organised by CBE Careers, practised my interviewing skills with their online tools, and completed their Momentum initiative. I deeply appreciate the unique support of the College for their students. It has assisted in laying the foundations of who I am today.

You’ll be surprised to see the number of opportunities you can stumble across during your time at ANU. Volunteering with a local charity, leading a university society, catching up for coffee with a friend, class-mate or professional – you’ll always be enlightened by individual perspectives on subject matters. Ask yourself what you have to gain from the experience, and whether you have capacity. For me, most of the time, it’s been a firm yes. 

Make the most of your time at university. Looking back, I’m overwhelmed with the sheer volume of events, catch-ups, and initiatives I have taken part in. Take a genuine interest in your classes and the side opportunities that being at ANU brings!

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your internship/job experience?

The art of professionalism, punctuality, and the utmost need for open communication. 

From my CBE Internship experience and my current work with Sententia Consulting, I realise that the real world isn’t as scary as I anticipated. Being honest about your capabilities and your capacity to complete tasks is all that’s required.

As students, we often work in silos. We have the ability to get work done in the shortest time. A few years down the track, you’ll most likely be working in a business environment where the hours you put into yours assignments will pay off.

Keep an open mind, enjoy your time at ANU, and watch success come your way.