Nikunj Agarwal

Nikunj Agarwal

Image: Ishita Moghe 

Master of Accounting

After working in the business development and finance sector for eight years, Nikunj Agarwal decided to take a leap and come to The Australian National University (ANU) to study a Master of Accounting. In the final year of his degree, Nikunj is undertaking the CBE Internship Program, where he is working at the ANU Tax Clinic to assist unrepresented taxpayers in the Canberra community.

In response to the bushfires on the east coast of Australia earlier this year, Nikunj independently established Campbell’s Community Care to raise over A$40,000 to support rural towns in New South Wales impacted by the fires. He is currently planning on gathering a group of 100 volunteers to help rebuild some of these fire affected towns. After graduation, Nikunj aspires to work in the Australian accounting sector, while also continuing to lend a hand for social impact causes.

How have your extra-curricular activities helped you develop your skills and experiences for a career?

When I reflect, I think all of my extra-curricular activities have shaped me to be who I am today. 

My training as a rescue diver has not only taught me how to lead, but also how to be part of a team. I have learned to be calm and to be able to communicate against all odds. My involvement in events to help raise money for those affected by the Australian bushfires has taught me about community spirit and my passion for social responsibility. Through my ongoing internship at the ANU Tax Clinic, I have learned to listen to others’ problems, find suitable solutions and communicate information with accountability. I am grateful for all these experiences and look forward to transferring these skills in my future professional career.

How did you adapt to the change in lifestyle as an international student in Australia?

In the last three years, I have moved to three different countries, and honestly, Australia has been the easiest transition so far. I credit it all to the lifestyle in Australia, and particularly in Canberra. The people are wonderful, the infrastructure is great, there are many parks and activities on the lake, many sporting events to get involved in, and an abundance of hiking trails in and around the city. The ANU campus has so much to offer that there is never a dull moment. With people from such diverse backgrounds and cultures coming together at University, I have never felt alone in the new adventure I have undertaken.

Overall, with the warm welcome I have received, the transition as an international student has been quite smooth and very enjoyable.