Jack Zhang

Jack Zhang


Jack is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and a Bachelor Finance, majoring in Quantitative Finance with a minor in Computer Science. He loves problem-solving and working with others, and is keen for a career in technology or actuarial science to develop his skills further. In his final year, he is undertaking a CBE Internship with Qualtrics, where he is using his classroom knowledge to design questions, distribute surveys, and gather and analyse responses for a project on reducing homelessness in Australia. Through this internship, he hopes to help the homeless by providing better insights into the problems they face.

Over the last few months, Jack has also been working with the CBE Careers and Student Employability team to prepare for graduate recruitment, and specifically identify his strengths and weaknesses in his interview skills. These sessions improved his interviewing technique, enabling him to secure a role as a technology graduate with Accenture.

What piece of advice would you give to current students embarking on job search?

Never stop learning. While job hunting, I was rejected from countless roles, but the important thing I learnt was to treat each rejection as a learning experience – to try and figure out what went wrong.

I know that this is difficult as not all companies provide feedback and the opportunities can seem limited as you go through these lengthy application processes. It is OK to feel disheartened and stressed; I felt the same, but it is crucial to persevere and keep putting in effort. Just remember, rejection is not the end, there is always another opportunity.

In addition, it is vital to draw upon as many resources as you can, through consulting with experts and friends. Do your research and continue to practice, practice, and do more practice.

What skills do you think graduate employers are looking for in students?

Throughout the year, I have been applying for a wide variety of graduate roles, from statistics, technology, and actuarial positions, and many more. From my experience, the three primary skills employers in my industry are looking for are communication, teamwork, and adaptability. I found that graduate employers frequently asked behavioural-centred questions that specifically target these skills.

From the help I received from the CBE Careers and Student Employability team, I was able develop a specific behavioural answer for each of those examples. The advice I received in my CBE Careers appointments helped me understand exactly what I needed to improve and how to do it. This was something I could never find through a myriad of employability websites and online resources.