Brandon Skewes

Brandon Skewes

Brandon is studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Economics at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE). Brandon was recently offered a Financial Assurance Apprenticeship with Deloitte in Canberra. He started his role earlier this month and will be working part-time for the remainder of his degree. Here are some of Brandon’s tips on what helped him prepare for the workplace and balance commitments.

Why did you choose to study at CBE? 

CBE is at the forefront of education and has a strong emphasis on quality research and teaching. This was a large factor in my decision to study here and it has not let me down. Many students want to gain as much exposure to the professional world as they can through their university experience, so that we have a good idea of what we want when we graduate. For me, the College has done a great job in facilitating exactly that; the CBE Careers events and workshops as well as talking to lecturers has all led me down a path I  never thought I would have taken.

Which CBE initiatives prepared you the most for your current role? 

The CBE Careers resume workshops and general career workshops. I believe they help  provide  a massive edge in the selection process. Current students should leverage these opportunities as much as they can.

What were your favourite classes and why?

Foundations of Finance is an amazing course and I cannot recommend it enough. The lecturers do a great job at inspiring curiosity unlike any other course I have experienced, and I would recommend it to any ANU student. I’m also really enjoying Risk Modelling 1 – it does a good job building on knowledge gained in second year and placing it in an applied context.

What is your advice to others on how to balance various commitments?

The workload at university can often be overwhelming. However, organising your life becomes easier with practice. Scheduling using a calendar might sound mundane, but it is a lifesaver.