Bachelor of International Business


Why study International Business at ANU

Your vision is global, not local. You have the potential to lead.

You aspire to travel, to work around the world in responsible leadership roles in business and management. You’re good at languages and keen to learn more.

The Bachelor of International Business will take your strengths and vision as a foundation and help you build the knowledge and capabilities to fulfil your aspirations.

You’ll learn how leaders negotiate, resolve conflict, and manage across cultures in a global business world. You’ll get to understand in detail the business environment, and how management and marketing work, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East or Latin America. Finally, you’ll complement this knowledge with world-class language training.

Students can choose one of four regional specialisations Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. Specialisations comprise specific business courses, cultural studies and in-depth study of a language.

Students completing the Asia or Europe specialisation may choose to study for one semester (in English) at one of the partner universities of the ANU College of Business & Economics in Asia or Europe.

Language and cultural studies courses are provided by the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences or the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, depending on the specialisation selected.

The Bachelor of International Business is only available to be commenced in Semester 1 (February) of each year.

Length: 3 years full-time

CRICOS #: 047472B

UAC code: 133303 (B International Business)

Semester intake: 1

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Career options

International trade specialist/global sourcing specialist

Locates sources of supplies (components, raw materials) and prepares import or export documents for transportation intermediary companies such as freight forwarders or customs-house brokers, and for commercial banks to ensure compliance with domestic and foreign government regulations.  Training for this position requires knowledge of specialised legal regulations, a foreign language, international trade credit practices, and business customs in other countries.  Normally, the regulatory specifics related to international transportation are learned on the job.

Research analyst

Requires the ability to interact with decision-makers by providing background data on new business opportunities (foreign environmental screening and international market research).  While these positions may start out with solely domestically related projects, they evolve to require ability in assessing data for internationally oriented business opportunities.  Thus, familiarity with a foreign language, area studies and international business practices will be an asset.  A concentration in business finance, marketing and e-commerce would improve an individual's chances of obtaining this type of position.

Marketing representative

Typically oriented to the generation of sales for manufacturers or service companies.  Responsibilities may include developing relationships with agents, dealers, distributors, licensees and/or strategic alliance partner firms in other countries.  Typically, such opportunities develop after a proven period of success in developing one or more segments of the domestic market.  A concentration in marketing is a helpful complement to an international business major.

International accounting specialist

Handles cross-border transactions, overseas trade agreements and other activities related to international business.  Possesses comprehensive knowledge of foreign laws, tax structures and business practices.  Usually fluent in two or more languages.


Importer: Importers bring goods into a country.  This requires specialised knowledge in transportation, the customs and regulations of the country into which goods are imported, knowledge of international business and languages.
Exporter: Exporters send goods to other countries. This requires specialised knowledge in transportation and the markets where the goods are to be exported. Knowledge of international business and languages is needed.

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