MomentuM - Information for Mentors


The benefits of sharing your knowledge and providing support and guidance to the next generation of business leaders are vast.

Through your participation in MomentuM, you may:

  • enhance your leadership and communication skills;
  • demonstrate your mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills;
  • be challenged or gain a “fresh” perspective from the next generation;
  • connect with industry peers and increase your professional network and;
  • obtain personal satisfaction in making a significant difference to your mentee’s career and professional development

Mentor Expressions of Interest are now rolling!

Submit your Mentor EOI here.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in mentoring a student in 2020, please contact the CBE MomentuM Team at

MomentuM Mentors

A MomentuM Mentor has:

  • a genuine desire to share knowledge, expertise and experience;
  • a willingness to invest time and effort in the mentoring partnership, respect the mentees commitment and fulfil the agreed program commitments;
  • the ability to recognise and encourage your mentees potential;
  • the ability to provide and receive constructive and honest feedback and;
  • a commitment to supporting your mentee by listening, sharing and reviewing options

MomentuM Mentor Program Commitment & Eligibility

Mentoring through the CBE MomentuM program is open to industry professionals who:

  • have three or more years of professional workforce experience;
  • have a genuine willingness to share their time, expertise and experience;
  • hold or obtain a current, Working With Vulnerable People card (WWVP card) - free for volunteers.

Mentors can be located in Canberra, interstate Australia or overseas.

The process for mentors is split into three phases:

  • Expression of Interest - registering your intrest in becoming a mentor.
  • Matching with a Mentee and accepting the agreement. At this stage, mentors will be required to sign the MomentuM mentor/mentee agreement (including acknowledgment of your commitment to the ANU Code of Conduct), and provide a copy of your WWVP or interstate equivalent (if applicable).
  • One on one meetings with your mentee. Most MomentuM mentors meet with their mentee for 1 hour per fortnight, however, a minimum of 1 hour per month face-to-face, via phone, Zoom, Skype or email etc. is required. Between meetings you may choose to communicate via phone, text, email etc. to help build rapport and ultimately, a valuable mentoring partnership.

Mentors are also invited to a series of mentee meetups and industry led workshops exclusive to the MomentuM cohort. These events provide an opportunity to connect with, support, share knowledge and exchange ideas with your mentee and other participating mentees. They are also a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow MomentuM mentors and industry partners.

Upon conclusion of the MomentuM program, your formal program commitment is completed. You may then choose to conclude your program committment, express interest for the following program offering with a new mentee and/or continue your current mentorship on an informal basis, if mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Interested in mentoring a CBE student?

Prospective mentors are strongly encouraged to review the MomentuM Mentor FAQ for further information.

You can submit your Mentor EOI here.

Expression of Interest are collected on a rolling basis. We will contact you for the upcoming semester closes to your registered interest; and you will have the option to let us know if you do not have capacity.