Eligibility & Application


Applications for Semester 1, 2023 open Monday October 10 2022 and close Tuesday February 7th 2023.

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Students must email the CBE Careers & Employability team directly if they wish to apply after the closing date. Applications received after this date will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 


SIP provides students with the opportunity to:

  • apply relevant theoretical knowledge and skills to solve a business problem
  • research, analyse, evaluate and propose practical solutions to the business problem encountered by the client organisation
  • work effectively and professionally in a team setting to develop practical solutions to a business problem
  • communicate effectively with peers and business professionals
  • construct a professional industry report
  • gain a valuable development and networking opportunity.


This course is available through a competitive application process. To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • be enrolled in an ANU undergraduate academic program or an exchange program at ANU during the semester for which the program is taken
  • have completed a minimum of 72 units (or equivalent for exchange students) across their academic program by the time the course starts (students applying for a degree transfer will be assessed on a case-by-case basis)
  • have space in their academic program to enrol into a 6-unit course during the semester for which the program is taken
    • We will work directly with the Student Services Team from your College to determine if there is space in your academic program to enrol in SIP. Please note that your application will be withdrawn, regardless of the stage you are in, if it is found that you do not meet this requirement. You are welcome to contact the Student Services from your College for a graduation check before your application, if you are unsure about this requirement.
  • not undertake the course (CBEA3001) and CBEA3070/ANIP3003/ANIP3005/ANIP3007/VCUG3200 simultaneously.     

What's happening in Semester 1 2023?

Want to work towards an environmentally sustainable future for Canberra? Join this semesters Special Industry Project as we work alongside the National Museum of Australia (NMA) to redesign energy use, environmental goals and practical operation needs.

Student teams will work alongside clients and Strategy& mentors to develop a feasibility plan, risk model and financing strategy to assist the NMA’s move into a greener future. Temperature humidity and light control are paramount for some of the invaluable exhibits homed on the Acton Peninsula gallery. With the ACT Governments commitment to gas free energy by 2045, now is the time to plan and implement new, energy efficient alternative to prolong the historical, cultural and artistic value of the NMA’s collection.

Apply now to be a part of a course where you can see your work turned into action! For the planet (and your transcript)!

Application process

Application process diagram

The following information session can be used as a guide for all upcoming application processes.

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Key dates for applicants of SIP Semester 2, 2022:

Applications open

October 2022

Applications close

February 2023

First lecture/workshop

Tue 21 Feb 2023

CSIRO (https://www.csiro.au/Working for Impact

CSIRO is interested in impact as it:

  • Increases the likelihood of achieving outcomes from our work;
  • Is an increasing requirement of government and other stakeholders for funding;
  • Improves the ability to align relevant capabilities to end user needs;
  • Gives stronger ability to articulate and communicate the value of our work;
  • Provides greater confidence to our customers, the government, and the public.

Your goal is to do the research and build and propose a complete strategic and operational case to improve the impact work that underpins the planning of initiatives within CSIRO. You will assist CSIRO impact implementation team with work on Impact Strategies on an organisational level.

Your team can choose two or three CSIRO Impact Areas from those available, you need to consider:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Growth areas
  • Partnerships & collaborators
  • Horizon planning & pipeline
  • Risks
  • Link to national & international priorities
  • Accessible depiction of our portfolio to attract funding, partners & collaborators

The projects will be in 5 different streams of work, in the following spaces:

  • Strategy. What have we missed? How can we form a closer link between enterprise & BU level planning?
  • Market analysis. From the analysis conducted to date – what is missing? Is there an alternative approach we could adopt?
  • Finance & economics. Predicting impact value – setting monetised and non-monetised benefits
  • Monitoring & evaluation. Is there a real-world way to design & implement tracking & reporting?
  • Marketing & communication. While adhering to agency branding, how can we effectively communicate CSIRO’s investment portfolio? How can we include impact in the marketing of CSIRO? 

Contact Us

For further information about the CBE Special Industry Project, please email employability.cbe@anu.edu.au.