Partner with us

Why should you partner with us?

The College of Business and Economics is home to world-leading academics whose research has already been tested in the real world and can lead to a huge number of improvements for industry, government and not-for-profit organisations.

The outcomes of our research can improve organisational efficiency, financial returns and policy efficacy.

What do partnerships with CBE look like?

Our academics can provide expert advice, generate new research and conduct large scale social experiments. We work collaboratively to ensure that all parties have clear goals and metrics for success.

We also encourage industry and government professionals to engage with training and development opportunities with our students.

Where do I start?

Contact us to let us know a little about your area or arrange a time to meet and discuss options further.


Our staff can work with you in a consulting capacity and apply academic rigour and expertise to help your organisation develop solutions to your pressing business challenges.

For more information, please contact CBE Research Engagement.

HDR student projects

Participate in training tomorrow's workforce through industry-based courses, Honours, Masters or PhD programs and scholarship stipends. This also gives you access to academic expertise through working with academic supervisors with the students.

For more information, please contact our Education Office.

Long-term projects

CBE Academics push the boundaries of knowledge through their cutting-edge research. Collaborate with us to leverage research to create impact and achieve long-term strategic goals for your organisation.

For more information, please contact CBE Research Engagement.

Internships, mentoring and other programs

The internship program in the ANU College of Business and Economics is a great initiative for industry partners to gain access to a pool of high-achieving and talented ANU students in their senior academic years for short-term projects.

More information about hosting interns »

Building exceptional employability skills through alumni and industry partnerships

Students, alumni and industry partners can engage with CBE through the many opportunities and connections available.

  • Internships
  • Special Industry Project
  • Momentum professional-development initiative
  • Postgraduate study
  • Industry partnerships
  • Alumni engagement
  • Casual or graduate job opportunities

Download our printable brochure, and find out more about the College’s programs and initiatives.